Low fade Haircut for men

Low fade haircuts are one of the most favorite hairstyle for men. They can be customized read different forms of hairstyles that makes them one of the most popular choice for men. For example, a man can choose low fade skin haircut be strong contrast. Further, low fade hairstyle works well with different types of men hairstyles. Man hairstyles are more focused on high fade with long hairs on top low fade hairstyles are more focused on small hairs at the bottom with a tapered haircut in the middle. 

There are different kind of fade hairstyles from which you can choose like bald for skin fade hairstyle. When you ask your barber to cut fade hairstyle, there are many factors that can help you to choose the best haircut for yourself.

low fade men hairstyle

Best low fade haircut

If you are looking for some of the best fade haircuts online, we have compiled some of the cool and classic hairstyles learn the difference between high, low fade, taper and other kinds of fade haircut. 

What is a fade haircut?

In fade hairstyle, hairs on the bottom are kept very small to medium length which can be maintained in different formats like low fade, high, taper fade and other forms. They can be combined with hairstyles like undercut hairstyle, comb over etc. 
In making of fade hairstyle, barber will start with a longer length and slowly trim down the hairs to your sides. This gradual trimming of hairs is one of the most difficult part of this hairstyle. 

Depending upon the style and length of the hairs, fade hairstyle can be long, medium and short fade. It also depends upon hair texture and density. If you are having thick hairs and you don't want a messy look then you can go for short hairstyle. If you are having sleek silky smooth hair then you must try comb over fade haircut as it is also one of the best looking hairstyle. 

What is low fade hairstyle?

Low fade is a type of fade hairstyle in which the hairs on the sides are kept very small from the bottom line to the end of the hairs.

We have collected some of the best low fade hairstyles options for you. If you are planning to get new look then choose one of the modern haircut from the below list and show it to your barber. 

Low Fade Haircut Vs High Fade 

Both these hairstyles are from fade hairstyle family. The difference between these hairstyles only lie in the side fade cutting. In low fade hairstyle, the fade starts about an inches above the ear where as in high fade hairstyle, the fade starts just below the temp or corner of your forehead. 

The choice of hairstyle is very difficult. In order to make it easy for you, we are having a good collection of haircut that can be very useful to get an overview of the latest trending styles. If you are planning to get a new haircut, you must check the long list of hairstyle below. Don't forget to save this page link or image in your phone so that you can visually explain your barber about your choice of haircut. 

1. Low Fade Haircut Black Men 

This hairstyle is very popular among black people. You can find many combination of low fade with other hairstyles and also beard styles.

Low Fade Haircut Black Men -low fade men hairstyle
Even the curly hairstyle is easy to combine with this awesome haircut. A rough long beard and moustache with clean line also looks good. For short beard, usually small hairs on the top are preferred. 

Low Fade Haircut Black Men -low fade men hairstyle

2. Long Hair 

Long hairs are usually difficult to maintain as they require extra care but with a low fade on the sides, they look amazing. 

Low Fade Long Hair

One can comb over the long hairs to the back side or even they can be knot on the top. 

low fade men hairstyle long hairs

In the above image, all the hairs are combed back and knotted on the backside. Top hairs are separated from the bottom hairs is a very professional manner and the beard is also trimmed from long to short style. 

3. Low Fade Taper Haircut 

Taper fade or taper hairs are the combination of taper and low fade hairstyle. In this combination, the top side hairs are kept relatively longer than the side bottom hairs. In this way, the side hairs are kept taper from long to short. 

Low Fade Taper Haircut

Side taper style can be made in different lengths, like in the above image, the hairs on the top side are kept long and then the middle hairs are trimmed to very short length. 

low fade taper haircut for men

In this pictures, the hairs on the top sides are kept relatively small and then trimmed to smaller length to the bottom side. 

4. Low Fade Curly Hair 

Curly hairs look great in short length but when they are combined with fade style, they look awesome. 

Low Fade Curly Hair

Curly hair is a blessing of nature as people pay to make curls. On the other hand, some people don't like curly hairs so they make them straight. In both ways, it can be a great combination. 

Low Fade Curly Hair

For black men, curly hairs are easy as they are genetically transferred in their generations. Similar are the Mohawk and Fohawk haircuts. 

Also check Blowout fade hairstyle for men

5. Low Fade Long Top

For people who have long hairs on top, it is a difficult decision to choose the best haircut. As long hairstyle offers a wide range of haircut but a decent look is more important than the messy style that is difficult to handle. In order to look smart and descent, you should go with fade haircut. 

 Low Fade Long Top

6. Mid Low Fade

This is the combination of low and mid fade. They can be termed as mid fade because they have medium length of side hairs. 

Mid Low Fade

In mid fade hairstyle, the medium side hairs are longer in length as compared to the bottom hairs. This combination of hairs makes them look like taper but they are more visible than the side taper. 

7. Low Fade Short Hair

Short hairs are becoming popular among men as they are easy to maintain. The top hairs are kept short and the side hairs are also kept short. A longer beard looks good with short side fade haircut. 

 Low Fade Short Hair

8. Low Fade Haircut Comb Over

In comb over hairstyles, all the top hairs are combed to one or the other side. In combination with low fade, all the side hairs are faded and the top hairs can be combed backward. Fade comb over is a very popular hairstyle among men as it is becoming trendy. 

Low Fade Haircut Comb Over

9. Low Fade Haircut With Beard

There are many beard styles available in market but which one to choose is the most difficult question to answer. To look more decent and stylish, a fine lined beard is a must for today fashion style industry. 

Low Fade Haircut With Beard

One can go for small beard with fine cheek lines and a cool moustache with side fade and long comb over hair on top. 

For black people, Beard is always a good choice as you can see a clean fade haircut with small curly hairs on top and beard with thick hairs looks amazing. 

People who don't want to look messy can go for long beard with thick moustache and short to medium hairs on top.

10. Low Fade Haircut With Line 

Lines are becoming more trendy now a day as they make every hairstyle more unique. Looking at the style, you will get a straight razor cut line that sill separate the top hairs from the bottom side hairs. This line can be clean or it can be rough cut.

 Low Fade Haircut With Line

The shave line will separate the top comb over and the side fade haircut. 

 Low Fade Haircut With Line

Sometimes, this line can also be used to clear the low bottom and top side fade hairs. 

 Low Fade Haircut With Line

There are other forms of line that can be in texture form. Like in the above image, a clean shaved line texture can be seen. 

11. Low Fade Haircut Military

Military haircut are trending among young people as military people usually prefer short hairs. One of the most used military hairstyle is military haircut.

Low Fade Haircut Military

12. Taper Fade

Taper fade is one the types of fade haircut in which the sides hair is kept fade. It is also popular among boys as it is easy to maintain. It is combined with low fade style to make it more impressive. 

Taper Fade

13. Bald Fade

Skin fade or bald fade hairstyle comes in a number of ways such as high end fade or low fade. This is also very popular among bald men as it can easily cover the head and make the bald patches covered with hairs. 
Bald Fade

14. Temp Fade

Temp fade or Temple fade are more like a rough hairstyle with lengthy top hairs and side short hairs. Mostly black men prefer temp fade hairstyles as they are more fancy and charming. Even a great lined beard also looks great with this look. 

Temp Fade

15. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade or bald fade are the same type of hairstyles that helps to cover the skin patches. 

Skin Fade Haircut

16. Low Taper Fade

This is the combination of taper and low fade hairstyle. In this hairstyles, usually the side hairs are kept of short length and the hairs from the top to the bottom are cut taper. It can also be made with cool beard style. 

Low Taper Fade

17. Short Fade Haircut

With short hairs on top, fade hairstyle is also a good option. Especially for those who don't want to keep long and messy hairs. 

Short Fade Haircut

18. Bowl Haircut

Bowl haircut is also one of the type as they are cut in the form of a bowl and the side hairs are kept small to medium length depending upon the hairstyle. 

Bowl Haircut

19. Boys Fade Haircut

Boys Fade Haircut

20. Line Up Haircut

Line Up Haircut

21. Low Taper

Low Taper

22. Mushroom Haircut

Mushroom Haircut

23. Side Fade Haircut

Side Fade Haircut

24. High Taper

 High Taper

25. Army Haircut

Army Haircut

26. Temp Fade Haircut

Temp Fade Haircut

27. Fohawk Haircut

Fohawk Haircut

28. Marine Haircut

Marine Haircut

29. Shape Up Haircut

Shape Up Haircut

30. Low Top Fade

Low Top Fade

31. Dyke Haircut

Dyke Haircut

32. Long Hair Taper

Long Hair Taper

33. Short Fade
Short Fade

34. Taper Fade Long Hair

Taper Fade Long Hair

35. High Top Haircut

High Top Haircut

36. Skin Taper

Skin Taper

How to Choose a hairstyle?

Today, people are worried about their hairstyles. They want the best look and style. Choice of the best hairstyle is unpredictable, however one can try to get the best possible hairstyle depending upon the hairstyle type, texture and face shape. Also you can get help from your friends or relatives. The choice of barber is also a very important factor as people can ruin their style if they go to some immature barber. 

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