Best man bun hairstyle

Man bun gained a lot of popularity since 2013 and became one of the best trending haircut for men. In bun hairstyle, hairs on the crown area of head are tied in the form of a single bun. The hairs are tied with a band which gives a classy and unique stylish look. Although this is a very simple style but one can find different kind of variations involving side shaved and fade side hairs. In order to choose the type of bun, you need to consider texture and length of top hairs. The easiest way to make a bun is to grab all the hairs in the form a bun and pass an electric band around it. The hairstyle got trendy after 2013 when many celebrities used it like Zac Efron, Harry Styles etc. Unlike the ponytail hairstyle, the bun shapes in the form a ball. You can see this style most trending in United States, Chicago, Berlin and London. Combined with other hairstyles, it differentiate the trendy styles and gives a completely new look.

Man Bun hairstyle

Man Bun Hairstyle

Looking at the increasing demand of the trending hairstyles, the bun hairstyles has made its place among the top most wanted hairstyles for men. We are here offering a range of men bun hairstyle that can help you choose type and style for your amazing look. While choosing the hairstyles, you need to consider your hair texture, hair length especially the top mid crown hairs. 

1. Undercut Man Bun

Undercut has short to shaved side hairs and the top hairs are kept long. The only difference for the undercut man bun is that the top hairs are tied back in the form of bun. The sides are kept separate totally from the top hairs.
Undercut Man Bun

The sides are completely shaved and the top hairs are kept long. The hairstyle is best for silky smooth long hairs. 

Undercut Man Bun

The bun is stylish with short beard and separate top and side hairs. 

2. Asian Man Bun

Asian men are very choosy about their looks and styles as many hairstyle depend upon the face shape. Man bun hairstyle is very popular among Chinese and other Asian countries. You can find many celebrities who adopted dynamic hairstyles for unique style. 

Asian Man Bun

A well known Chinese drama actor wearing a small bun. 
Asian Man Bun

This hairstyle have all the hairs combed on the back side with a circular bun on the backside.

3. Black Man Bun

Black people can find different hairstyles based upon hair texture. They usually find black bun best for long hairs.
Black men bun hairstyles

This hairstyle have a combination of fade and bun hairstyle. A cool line shaved beard with stylish side undercut and shaved line is the best bun hairstyle for black men.

Braid black men hairstyle

For black people who have long black hairs, they can get cool bun by tying all their hairs and styling their side hairs as per their required style.

4. Messy Man Bun

Man bun is among the top list hairstyles. The messy bun have cool texture of hairs.
messy bun haircut

The boy is having a cool look with silky smooth hairs tied at the back head. The top hairs are combed to back to tie the know while some hairs on the front are sprinkled over the head.

best bun

A cool textured hairstyle look with rough hair texture is all that can make you special among others.

5. Short Man bun

Short hairs are usually not suitable for buns but still you can find many haircuts for short hairs. People usually prefer short hairs to avoid more messy style and a small bun can add a lot of charm. The best part of short hairs is that it is easily adjustable with other hairstyles like fade, undercut or even shaved hairstyle. 

Short Man bun

Short bun is made with backside hairs or it can spiked on the top centre area. Usually the hairs are kept short and the top hairs in the middle area are kept long which are then tide to form a bun. Short bun seems best with fade and small beard. 

Short Man bun

6. Top Knot Men Bun

Top knot bun also known as Semi Bun is one in which only top hairs are tied in the form of a bun. The side hairs are kept buzzed with the help of clips. The top knot can have length ranging medium to long hairs. 
Top Knot Men Bun

Topknot is more stylish with rough beard. If you have silky smooth hairs which are a little longer in length then you should go with this style. 

7. Blond Man Bun

Blond is a type of hair which have very light brown to yellowish shaded hairs. Usually American men have blond hairstyle which can have unlimited hairstyle choices. People with blond hair finds difficult to get style but they should be thankful that the textured hairs are a blessing for them. 
Blonde Man Bun

The man is wearing a cool long hair top knot blond men bun and a cool stylish brown moustache and beard. 

A stylish small knot tied on the back head is the best for blond men. 

8. Fake Man Bun

For people who don't have long hair and want to get top knot haircut, they can buy fake bun from different online store. They are available in different hair colours and different length.

These are the sample fake bun which one can wear to get the style.

9. Man Bun and Beard

Beard can have many styles including long, medium and short hairs. Beard can add extra grace to the personality of men. Man Bun and beard combination can add some extra point to your style. You need to see which style suites best according to the beard style. 

 Man Bun and Beard

A man with long moustache and a small top knot hairstyle is the best thing you can get.

 Man Bun and Beard

10. Man Bun Fade

Fade haircuts are the best hairstyle and gained a lot of popularity since the last few years. Designer have combined this style with many other styles like low fade, high fade and side shaved fade hairstyle. The man bun fade has simple or complicated fade side hairs and small or long bun on the top. 

A high fade with small beard short hairs on face looks best on broad faces.

Side fade with clean comb over and texture beard style is amazing haircut for men with beard. 

11. Man Bun Short Sides

As already stated that side hairs can have different style. It can be fade or shaved hairs. Depending upon the style popularity, it can be very short in length.

Man Bun Short Sides

12. Long Hair Man Bun

Long hairs can have different type of buns. One can use some kind of hair product like cream or gel to style the hairs into the required shape. Usually the top hairs are kept long while the side hairs can be short in length.

Long Hair Man Bun

13. Curly hair Man Bun

Curly hairs are difficult to style. Mostly young boys prefer straight hairs over curly hairs. As the curls make the style difficult to maintain but Bun hairstyle are really easy to make with Curly hairs. Curly hairs are cut to the required length and the top hairs are kept long. They can be small in length up to 4 to 6 inches. It is fun to have curly hairs.

Curly hair Man Bun

14. Man Bun Shaved Sides

Shaved sides haircut is very popular among youngster or teenage. As it is easy to make and gives a very clean and clear look. The hairs on the sides are shaved to separation line of the op hairs. One can get a very prominent Shaved sides bun haircut for some party or event.

Man Bun Shaved Sides

15. Man Bun Taper

Side taper haircut is the modern form of fade style. In side taper style, the top hairs are kept long while the side hairs are kept taper until they look like fade at the bottom end. Similar to side shaved or undercut styles, a bun looks amazing with side taper hairs.

Man Bun Taper

16. Man Bun Braid

The braid style is a special style and difficult to make. It is more common in girls but there are plenty of Man bun braid styles. A braid is a complex pattern made by interlacing three layers of hairs. So to make this style, you need to find a more experienced hairstylist that can make this for you. Man Bun braid require long hair as the layer of hairs need to be interlaced. More like a pony tail style, the braid for men looks amazing and stylish.

Man Bun Braid

17. Man Bun comb over

Comb over hairstyle is one of the most popular men hairstyle. In this hairstyle all the hairs are combed to one side of the head. Man bun comb over combo is something extra that add charisma to personality.

Man Bun combover

What Is A Man Bun?

A man bun also is a type of hairstyle in which the backside top hairs are tied in the form of a bun. There are different forms of man bun like fade, undercut, top knot, braid and side shaved. This style required medium to long hairs on the top and the side hairs can be of different shapes. The hair length is dependent upon type of hair bun like semi bun or full length hair bun.
For a mini bun the length of hairs should be between 4 to 6 inch and for a full length bun, the hair length should be 10 inch.

How To Do A Man Bun?

A man bun can be made using hair band or clip. All the hairs are first combed to back side and then the top middle hairs are all gathered together and tied together using an elastic band. If the length of the hairs is too short then it is difficult to make a bun. In that case, one can buy fake bun to wear and get the latest hairstyle trend. Depending upon the length of hairs and texture, you can use some hair product to straighten the hairs and get them into the shape.

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