Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric shaver

Here comes the best Electric shaver from German technology and a well known company Braun. One of their best product is pulsonic shaver system that is very popular among their customers. Braun series 7 is a very popular series of electric razor built by the company and 790 cc is the top seller electric shaver of all times. It comes with a grey metal color with foil shaving system and many additional features. Their Pulsonic technology made the Braun brand the world leading electric razor manufacturer according to a research institute.

braun series 7 790

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric shaver for Men 

The shaver provide a very comfortable experience of shaving and a very smooth skin. Braun 7 series 790 pulsonic technology usually cost more because of the modern features but you can clearly identify the difference in amount by checking the cordless well made electric razor. Their premium shaver ranges have this modern pulsonic system which offers the ultimate grooming and styling experience.

The 790cc shaver is the top product in the pulsonic line which is packed with many features as compared to the other electric shaver in this series like 390 or 590 cc. It is also different from 720 series as it has the renew and cleaning system. It is designed to work in side way movement rather than the rotatory movement.
When it comes to design and handling, you will find Braun Series 7- 790cc very comfortable as it feels well when it fits in the hands. The design is ergonomic and smooth. There are rubber sections on each size of the Razor that enables you to grip the device more tightly. This rubber grip section allows you to use it in wet conditions like with soap or cream or under shower.

The top foil head directly fits over the base that makes it move independently and move on the shaver body. The best part it has the speed controlling mode. There are two buttons on the lower third section of the electric shaver with + and - signs that can increase or decrease the shaver speed hence you have full control over the shaving machine speed.

In modern braun series 7-790 electric shaver, you will find a battery status indicator and battery cleaning indicator at the bottom. You can simply check the these level by flipping your shaver. With this indicator you can know the status of your battery. The indicator also tells you about the cleaning status.

Best Braun Series 7 790cc Features:

Water Proof

The shaver is completely washable and water proof. It can be used between shower or even in wet conditions with gel or cream while shaving facial hairs. I is very easy to rinse and clean the shaver under water It has a fully sealed design which makes it totally resistant. If you want the best shave then you must shave in early morning before taking shower or washing face.
 braun series 7 790 cc

Customize able setting

The braun series 7 790 offers the best modes to play for shaving. It allows you to choose from different settings yo customize the shaver according to your facial requirement. There are three personalized mode that helps you to get shave according to hair growth.

 braun 7 series 790

Opti-Foil Technology

Thin foil shaving heads in braun series 790 has a flexible system that is highly adjustable to all types of skins. There are two foils which are one each side of trimmer.

Opti foil technology promises the best shave by cutting the smallest hairs trimming closer to skin. The head can adjust on the face contours easily as it shaves very closely over jaw lines and neck line.

Powerful and close

Series 7 is more powerful than other electric shaver as it allows to cut more hairs in one stroke than the others do in two strokes. The flexible head is designed to get more comfortable experience.

braun 790-4 series 7 shaver

Gentle on skin

With the modern opti foil technology, Series 7 does not need twice shaving the same areas which reduces the risk of irritation.

German craftsmanship:

The special design engineered and build by German specialists last for more than 7 years.

4 Shaving elements

There are 4 shaving module for different kind of hairs so that you can shave even the smallest hairs.
braun 790-4 series 7 shaver review

Like new every day

The 4 action cleaning system remove shaved stubble that cleans the shaver hygienically. It also charges and lubricate your machine.

50 min cordless shaving

With a high power Li-Ion battery, you will get a fully charged machine ghat can be used for one hour.

braun series 7 790 shaver

Intelligent sonic technology

With this technology, the vibrator automatically adjust the speed of shaver on dense hair and sensitive areas.

Active Lift trimmer

It helps to cut flat hairs in chin and neck areas.

Braun Series 7 790cc specifications:

Product Dimensions      10.1 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight                    2.7 pounds
Shipping Weight             2.2 pounds
Manufacturer                  Braun
Batteries                          1 Lithium ion batteries required.
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