5 Cheap Electric Razors

It is really difficult to find the best product when you have a lot of choice. For this reason, we have tried to compile the best cheap electric razor for men that you can look on and choose one that is best for your facial hairs and skin type.

There are different kind of shavers available in the market and it is difficult to consider some specific product the best one. There are many options when it comes to best electric shaver. Some are good at shaving while some offers comfortable shaving. The main question comes here is which one to choose. For this reason, we have made a cool list comprising of top product that can help you to choose from.

Cheap Electric Shavers 2017

best cheap electric shaver

As already stated that it is a difficult decision to choose or declare one product "the best" when it comes to the choice of electric shaver. It is personal decision according to the persons requirement and therefore no electric shaver can be recommended by me that is actually the best. That is the personal choice of the person.

The main factors which need to be considered while choosing a good cheap electric shaver are the skin type, shaver nature, design, style and comfort level. These are some of the factors that are important to consider while choosing the best men cheap electric shaver.

We are having the top 5 cheap electric razor list that covers the electric shaver from comfort level to shaving experience. The list is solely made by consider all the above stated factors and can help you choose the electric shaver that suites your skin type and comfort level.

Best Cheap Electric Razor For Men

Below is the list of the top 5 cheap electric razor that are considered the best one. All these are recommended by the Experts.

1.       Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men's Electric Shaver                                            Check Price

2.       Philips Norelco Shaver 4100 (Model AT810/41)                                              Check Price

3.       Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100, S1560/81                                              Check Price

4.       Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit               Check Price

5.       Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver                                                      Check Price

1. Panasonic Arc 3 Men's Electric Shaver ES 8103 S

Panasonic arc 3 is a quick cutting system which delivers a smooth and quick shave with its 3 blade technology. Pivoting shaver head comfortably adjust on the face, chin, jaw and neck. The high speed motor gives the best battery performance. The best part is like the other Panasonic product , it can also be used in wet dry conditions. The blades are honed at an angle of 30 degree edge. A high speed motor and high end power gives you a clean and effortless shaver, no matter how thick beard you have. Like its predecessors , it is easily washable under water and can be used even in wet conditions like in shower. The battery indicator is a new feature introduced in this model.

Prominent Features:

Flexible Pivoting Head

Panasonic Arc 3 electric men shaver come with a flexible head that can easily move side to side and up and down. These movements allow it follow the face contours to give a quick and effortless shave.

Perfect Nano Tech Blades
The 30 degree edge nano tech blades cut hairs with more perfectness from the base. Panasonic Beard shaver are designed to give less irritation on sensitive skin.
Fast Shaving motorPanasonic Arc 3 razor is equipped with rapid fire 13000 cycle per minute motor that makes the use of the 3 blade technology to its best. The quick cutting speed avoid irritation , pulling and tugging while shaving the long beard hairs.

Multi-Fit Arc Blades
The machine is designed with multi arc blade system that can adjust to your face contour for easy movement of blades. This can easily adjust to your face, neck and other ares for smooth shaving.

Pop-up Male Grooming Trimmer

The pop up trimmer is used to make side burn and groom mustache. After shaving, you need to adjust your side burns so you get this pop up trimmer

Wet Dry Shaver

Like other Panasonic trimmer and shavers, this shaver also comes with wet conditions applications. You can use this with wet foam or gel to get a smooth and clean shave.

Washable Razor

The blades are easy to wash. Simply remove the top foil from the shaver head and switch to turbo mode. Place the blade under water to clean the blades. Sonic mode produces sonic waves that gives extra cleaning power to the blades.

Illuminated Mens Electric Razor LCD Display
A digital display is built up in this shaver which indicates the cleaning reminder, sonic vibration cleaning mode and charging indicator. 

2. Philips Norelco Shaver 4100

Like other Philips shaver and razor , Norcel shaver 4100 stands in the top position when talking about the top cheap electric razor. The easy and sleek design make it more comfortable to use while the dual precision system helps you to get a perfect shave. This shaver can also be used in both the wet and dry conditions.

Prominent Features:

Easily Washable

This hair trimmer is 100% washable. Just open the head blade popup portion and put it under the water to clean. It also comes with a cleaning brush that helps you to maintain and clean the internal parts more efficiently.

Long battery timing
With 4 hours of charging, it almost gives 50 to 60 minutes perfect shaving time that is sufficient to get a perfect shave.

Dual Blade Precision system
This system allows to remove hairs of all length even it will clean the most short hairs on the face.

Pop Up Trimmer

An embedded trimmer is provided to get the perfect side burns and mustache style.

Flexible Head

The flexible and floating head leads to more comfortable experience as the blades are easily adjustable on the face contours.

Digital indicator

It has a charging indicator, low battery indicator and Full battery indicator.

3. Philips Norelco 2100 - Afordable and Most popular Electric Shaver

Philips is one of the market leading brand in style and grooming industry. You can find many trimmer and shaver and Philips Norcelo shaver 2100 is one of the best and cheapest electric razor for men which provide and easy and convenient shave for men. 

Philips Norelco Rotatory shaver is one of the best cheap electric shaver in this price range and have all the features which are required for smooth shaving experience. A special textured grip helps you to firmly handle the shaver for ultimate control to shave at any angle. 

Prominent Features:

Close Cut Blade system

The most  prominent feature is close blade system that lets you get reliably close shave for every shaving session. The self sharpening blade system helps you to get your face shaved easily and fast by auto sharpening themselves. 

4- Direction flex heads

The Rotatory razor head moves in all 4 directions so that the shaver face can easily adjust to every curve on face and neck for smooth shave and clean jaw lines.

Lithium-ion battery

Philips always come with a long lasting battery and for this product, you have a Lithium ion battery that can get you a chance to shave reliably for longer time with every charge.

One Touch Open 

A simple pop button helps to get the head open and you can easily clean the shaver head under water tap before and after shaving. 

Pop Up Trimmer

Use the Pop-up Trimmer for a clean side burn and mustache. 

Long Lasting Battery Life

When fully shaved for 8 hours, it can shave continuously top 35 minutes which is sufficient time to take the best shave for any men. 

4. Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Grooming Kit       

Remington is one of the leading brand in trimmer and shaver industry and is a strong recommended electric razor when it comes to the budget. As most of the Remington products are under (50 Dollars). Remington PG 6025 is a market leading grooming tool kit that comprises of all the tools that are required for a perfect shave. 

With a powerful Lithium Battery which is capable of moving the motor to rotate the blades perfectly, this cheap electric shaver helps you to get the perfect shave. 

Prominent Features:

8 Pieces 

With the main trimmer you get 8 different kind of accessories that are adjustable on the head of the razor. These include a full size trimmer, nose, ear and eyebrow shaver, Beard combs, Stubble combs, Hair clipper combs and a Travel Pouch for the storage of the accessories. 

Long Lasting Battery

In Remington PG-6025 you will get a long lasting chargeable battery that last for more than 60 minutes when fully charge ( Full charging time is 4 hour). It gives consistent power to motor throughout the charge life. 

Self Sharpening Blades:

Surgical Steel blade that stay sharp for every shave and gives a comfortable and sharp trimming experience every time. 

Washable Accessories

The best features is that all the tools included with this product ( Liner, Foil, Nose and ear trimmer ) are easy to clean and washable under water. 

Storage Pouch

Now it is not difficult your all in one grooming kit tool at one place. With this product, you get a storage pouch that can keep all your tools at one place. You can also take all the grooming kit accessories while you are traveling. Just pack all the parts and you are ready to go. 

Full Size Trimmer

A full size trimmer helps you to get your required length of shave to complete your style. You can make haw lines, clean facial hairs and make side burn and neck lines. 

Detail Foil Shaver

Foil shaver get a smooth and convenient shaving experience whether you want to clean your jaw lines or want to completely shave your facial hairs. 

Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer

In the Grooming toolkit, you get nose and ear trimmer that can easily remove unwanted hairs. These tools are essential to groom your personality and get a clean look. 

Beard, Stubble & Haircut Combs

The last but not the least are the stubble combs that helps you get the desired length of hairs. Now you can trim the facial hairs to any length according to your requirement. With a 10 length setting, you can adjust the required facial hair length. The beard and stubble combs mainly offer 3 type of length setting ( 3, 6, 9 mm) while the haircuts combs offer 8 different lengths ( ranging between 2 mm and 16mm)

5. Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

Panasonic have revolutionized the grooming and style industry by back to back styling products that are just perfect to make life easy. Here we are discussing about Panasonic ES - 3831K that is one of the best affordable and cheap electric shaver for men. A single steel blade and floating head gives the most comfortable shaving experience. The design is user friendly thats why the device easily fits in the user hand for any direction. The best part is it can be use in both wet or dry conditions.

Prominent Features:

Smoother Shaving,
What every one wants is a smooth shaving experience and this electric shaver fulfill your requirements. For all kind of conditions and situations this powerful and sleek electric razor has the speed and all the required features that can get you consistently clean shave.

Precision Blade TechnologyTo get the best quality in the market, Panasonic have used the advance Japanese technology to make exceptionally durable and sharp blades to get extra ordinary performance. The blade gives you the best performance and the comfort level that is required for perfect grooming. This easy to use electric razor use a floating single blade system which is set at an optimum angle of 78 degree inside a floating head with a smooth , ultra thin steel foil.

High speed motor

A speed motors makes the blade glide with the foil to conform naturally with every angle of your face naturally.

Comfortable Design

This electric shaver is designed of it comfortable and naturally in either hand. The device has a contoured ergonomic design that adds ease and comfort while handling the machine. The shave is under total control while using for shaving even if you are using it in the shower.
Easy to wash The shaving machine is water resistant and can be used under water as it is fully immersible in water. The simple sleek design has the easy washing option for cleaning and maintenance. The shaving head can be cleaned using water. There is also a brush for cleaning difficult areas.

Wet / Dry advantageThis electric shaving machine is not only easily washable under water but also let you use it under running water. If it is difficult to get time for shaving due to your busy routine, the shaver machine can easily be used over the sink or during travel to get a quick touch up.

Travel Ready Shaver

The biggest advantage of this cheap and affordable electric razor is that you gets the ease to use it while travelling to other places. Due to its sleek and modern design, the razor can fit in your grooming travel kit or in any pocket of your bag. The package with a travel pouch that can be use while travelling or other places.
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