Classy Hairstyles for Balding Men

Hairstyle for balding people are mostly in demand because they can really enhance the personality of a person. You can find this subject a little bit sore but for people having bald patches, these bald men hairstyles are a blessing. With the modernization in the fashion industry, there are many style adopted by the actors and players which have set trends for the youngster and other men. The style simply give them the look they want to get the best hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles for Bald Men

If you are a bald person who wants to have a fair look hiding his bald patches of hairs on the head, you can go for these attractive haircuts to get more classic look. 

Here we have made a list of top 50 Bald men haircuts. You can choose one of them and style your hairs by showing this image to your barber. 

Short Comb over with Temple Fade

Comb over is one of the most versatile hairstyle for men with short hairs on the top. It is an easy style to make and one of the best haircuts for balding men. For a wide range of variety of hairs, comb over bald haircuts are the best options. From short to medium hairs , you can get a beautiful fade look covering completely your head. The simple style features comb over on the top with fade haircuts on the sides. The top hairs are kept short to cover the front head. All the hairs are swept to one side. This will cover your receding hairs with the short clean beard to give more mature look.

Best Men haircuts

Fashionable Medium Style for Receding Hairline

This great style is one of the best look for men especially youngster who always enjoy new hairstyles. The short spikes made this style more great. This style is a stiffed look for mature people who want to have a medium stylish hairstyles. The reason why this style looks great is because of its spikes. You can get this spiky style by using brush and some hair product like gel or wax to fix the hairs on the top. The top hairs can be textured with a golden hair spray. 

Messy Bald Men Hairstyle for Balding men

Messy is one of the known soccer players who always comes with the best trends. He is trend setter in the hairstyle industry. This hairstyle can make you feel young again by simply cutting your hairs to medium length. The below pic is having a before after comparison  that gives the importance of this haircut. The first pic shows the ling hairs of an aged men while on the second pic, he has turned into a much young look than his real age. The style is simple but still attracts many women towards you. The haircuts are trimmed to medium length on top with thick sides. The sides are more like taper than undercut hairstyle. The front portion is swept away to give More exposure to the face. 

Fade Men Hairstyle For Balding Hairs

This balding hairstyle cam easily hide your age and gives your face more exposure making you more younger and attractive. This style yields shaved haircuts on sides and the top hair can be styled in any way. Long beard is separated from the hairs with the clean shaved sides. This hairstyle is adoptable by the men that don't have receding lines. Clean shaved lines with long beard are more suitable on people with more age. The top hairs are adjusted using some hair product.  

Side shaved Mohawk Shirt Hairstyles For Balding Men

You have a round face and want a perfect look, this bald haircut is the most epic one for men. This style more focus on your jaws and face.  The style looks more cool with facial hairs that can be set to any length in accordance with the top hairs. The top hairs are kept short to revive the style. The hairs are separated from side hairs using shaved line. The side hairs are very short fade hairs that merge with facial hairs in a cool way. The beard style is perfect look with those mature Mohawk hairstyle. Without any doubt, this hairstyle is the best choice for people with bald hairs.  

Mohawk Haircuts and Hairstyles

Spiky Balding Haircut

Spikes are always the best choice especially when it comes to youngster. If you are a person who have lost his front head hairs at a very short age, then you can use spikes to cover your head. The spikes are men favourite hairstyle but they also have an additional perfection. To draw attention in your office with a new look, this hairstyle is one of the perfect haircut to wear. Brush your front hairs forward and get a spiky peak by combing them in upward direction. It can easily cover your bald patches and help you to get a cool style. The hairs on the front can be made spiky with gel or some hair spray. The side burns have long hairs styled in accordance with beard style. Simply take some gel om your hand and comb them through your hairs to form the spikes.

Zac Efron Hairstyles

Log side Part Ivy League Hairstyle for bald Men

If you are having bald patches, it does not mean you can not get a sexy look. Ivy league style will help you to get your desired look with a sexy style. This Ivy league hairstyle is a blessing for men having bald hairs as it completely covers the skin portion. This style features a slicked back squiffy and clean side part. This haircut is some how similar to comb over silky haircut. For top silky hairs , you can use brush to hold the front hairs or some hair products can be used to get this sexy style.

Best Soccer Haircuts

Comb over Bald Hairstyle with Receding Hairline

Comb overs is a sophisticated style for men with baldness. The hairs combed to the back and the sides give a suave look. This style is best suited for men having long hairs which can be combed to the back side. Silky thick hairs will be an additional feature. The top hairs can be set to the position with the help of gel or simply wet the hairs and style them with brush. The beard adds an extra grace to this style. A short hair beard suites good for younger people while the longer facial hairs are good for people above 40 .

Comb over hairstyles Taper fade

Pompadour Men Haircuts

Men wit more age always prefer a mature look. The most favourable style for these kind of men is Pompadour haircut as it can easily be made and is a more mature style for old men. The hairstyle is a combination of long top pomp style hairs with short side hairs. The style creates a nice side haircut with old school pomp on top. The grey and brown texture in the hairs adds extra dimension of shaved back hairs.

Faux hawk Hairstyle for Bald men with Shaved Temples

Shaved side haircut is one of the favourite for men as they like to wear a more funny and simple to make style. This faux hawk style gives more attention to your hairs and don't highlights the thinning strands. This style indicates that how balding men can have fresh vibes and excitement. The front top hairs are kept longer to get a faux hawk style. The side hairs are shaved and then starts the beard. The beard style is variable according to the demand as any kind of facial hairs are suitable for this style.

Faux hawk Hairstyle for Bald men with Shaved Temples

Gradient Grey Crew Cut

Want a Grey hairstyle with more versatility and style. The simple shade hairstyle is for people who want to hide their bald patches and age. The grey hair shade adds more uniqueness, The top hairs are kept long with the Grey shaded hairs on the front and the side hairs are shaved with black and grey hairs mixture. This hairstyle creates a natural gradient effect that can be seen in the image. The lighter hair shade helps to hide any spareness and this can be a good choice for the barbers who want to earn more money for modern haircuts.

Gradient Grey Crew Cut

Bald Fade hairstyle with Clean Shape-Up 

If you have lost most of your hairs but still have much hairs to cover your head, then you should go for fade hairstyle covering the top head with shape up style. The angle of the shaved sides meeting the facial hairs makes a curve that stands different in this style. Thin top hairs are cut to cover all the head and the side hairs are shaved completely that join with the fine edged shaved facial lines. The combination of small beard with shave hairs is common as it gives more facial exposure hiding your bald patches.

Bald Fade hairstyle with Clean Shape-Up

Messy High and Tight haircut for bald men

High and tight hairstyle are always favourite for men as they require less maintenance and easy to make. Thin hairstyles seem to be limited to styles with the use of gel. But that's isn't always true as this tight and high hairstyle for men does not require much care and is still a cool and casual haircut for men. The top hairs are chopped in a special texture that gives more volume at the top that is required. The texture hairs with the side taper fade style makes thinner hairs more noticeable giving more exposure to the head than the face.

Messy High and Tight haircut for bald men

Tapered Hipster Cut with Beard

If you are hipster guy who want a more hipster like hairstyle then this side wept combo with beard is for you. For a more thick beard, this style covers the top bald patches and adds more style by a long beard. To get more facial exposure, this tame haircut with side swept should have small hairs. The hairstyle is just great for men with long beard and long hairs on top that include wave.

Tapered Hipster Cut with Beard

Moustache and Goatee Crew Cut Haircuts

This hairstyle comes with a cool haircut and beard style. This style features wispy strands of hairs to cover the more problematic areas. The look is complete when we add mustache and goatee. The quirkier style makes it an additional choice for personality. Your complete styles a package of modern haircut with facial style. For a more deep review, the side hairs meeting with the top hairs have style to cover the bald portion. The hairs are small and the side hairs are fade with bottom end are shaved. The facial hairs covers the face to give more exposure to the hairs. 

Grey High and Tight with Beard Style for Men

Best hairstyle is one that can accentuate the bone structure with a cool haircut regardless of age or hair texture. Just grow a long beard on your face and line the edge in parallel to the cheek bones. The hairs gives a high and tight look to give your cheeks with more focus on strong jaw line. If you feel that you have round face with a clear jaw bones, facial hairstyle is a great option. The hairstyle features the short spiky hairs with shaved sides. The long beadd enhance the maturity of style for men with more age. 

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