Best 50 Short Haircuts for Men

Short haircuts always remained one of the best trending haircut for men. It is one of the best option for men giving a stylish look. As people are getting more aware about their looks so short haircuts can get you a really cool look. Haircuts are dependent upon two main factors and we have already discussed about the face shape haircuts in our previous post. You want to get information about haircuts haircuts according to your face shape 

Short Haircuts for men

As people are getting more conscious about their hairstyles, people are more getting toward long haircuts. But still there is a vast range of haircuts style available for short hairs. 

If you are having short haircuts and want to get new hairstyle, you can select many haircuts according to your age and hair texture and type. We have gathered some of the top haircuts styles for short haircut for men

Fade Men short haircuts for men

short-haircut for men

If you want to get a really cool with short hairs then this high and tight haircut look is the best for many face shapes. It can make you look different and cool from others if you are wearing a suite and going to some function. 

Modern Haircut for Men

short haircut styles

Classic hairstyles are the best style for men. It is one of the best haircut for classic men. For simplicity and style, you can get this style.

Undercut Haircut for men with thick hairs

long on top short on sides haircut

Undercut always remained one of the best and top choice for men with thick haircuts. This celebrity look with clear thick short hairs on top and an undercut on the bottom is one of the best looking hairstyle for men. You can get a lot variation like you can get long beard with undercut hairstyles

Best Short Pompadour Haircut for Men

short haircut men best haircut

Pomp style is a good hairstyle when it comes to style. It is trending now a days with many variations. It is lot more than vintage style that gives a cool hairstyles to every men. This is best short haircut for men who have good sense of  new styles and wear cool modern dresses.

Haircuts for men With curly hairs

short haircut for round face

Many people prefer curly hairs as they are one of the most demanded and cool hairstyles for men. Especially for short hairs, curly style is a good option. But this style is difficult to make and maintain so you need a more experienced barber. Those people who dont want to get a messy look, they can get a really cool look. 

Caesar haircut for men 

Caesar short haircut for men

Caesar haircut is a good choice. This hairstyle many strong features with a handsome look. This style is also perfect for people with beard. If you are having face with jaw shape and you want to get special look for your thin silky hairs then this one is the best haircut. This haircut is best to get attention from other.

Long Beard With Side Part Pompadour 

kim kardashian short haircut

This Pompadour style have gained much popularity among youngster because of its cool look. The top hairs are kept a little long and then adjusted with the help of some hair product. The cool thing about this haircut is the angle and the attractive style that makes this style unique and different. Even it is easily adjustable with any kind of beard style.

Best Short haircut For Men with Thin Hair

long to short haircut

This is one of the classic haircut for men with gentle men style. This one is perfect if you want to look well and want some thing which is the next level of the simple spike short haircut. The hairs are combed with a side haircut and the hairs are kept long to get more massive look. The top hairs can be combined with comb over haircut to get more stylish and cool look.

Simple Haircut for Men

short back and sides haircut

This is a very basic look for those who want a simple look for them. In this haircut the side hairs are cut in taper style while the top hairs are kept short and can be styled in any way like comb over, taper, wavy or spikes.

Black Slicked Fade Haircut for men

short haircut ideas

This hairstyle is the combination of the two styles that are comb over and the other is fade haircut. Hairs combed to the back side get more polished look and add more style to your hairs. The side hairs are the combination of fade and the undercut style that gives a clear line between short and face short hairs. 

Texture fade haircuts with Long beard

haircut for short hair

The top hairs are usually kept long and  the side fade style in order get a cool texture in side hairs. The top hairs not kept short but they can be adjusted for any length. This Mandala styles get more attention than simple fade haircut due to a cool hair texture. 

Short Haircut for men with thin hairs

short haircut for curly hair

High and tight look is one the best looks for men in which the top hairs are kept short and the side hairs are completely or partially removed. This style is adopted by many celebrities and is one of the best choice for men having bald or skinny hairs. This can also be termed as military haircut as this style is also adopted by the army.

Curly Short Haircuts for Black men

men short haircut

There are many Black men haircuts available but when it comes to curly hairs then this becomes the special case which requires some extra care and attention to make a choice for the perfect haircut. This hairstyle is the combination of curly hair with low fade undercut style. Witht the sides clear and short hairs on the top, this style can be used for any kind of face shape. 

Super Slick Wing Back

short haircut pictures

Slicked back hairstyles is a different approach from casual short hairstyles. This approach is similar to the comb over style and also best option for people with silky hairs with shade.

Short Side Textured Hairs for Men

short haircut for thin hair

With the medium length hair on the top, this one is a cool and productive style that can be combined and tested with different kind of haircuts. To get more special attention, you can combine this style with comb over, undercut or even taper haircuts.

Shaggy Razor cut 

mens haircut short

For people with round face, this shaggy style is best. As it gives a cool look. Although the hairs are not of short length but the combination of long and short hair is used instead of only one style. The hairs are combed in layer style to cover the face . .

Short Haircut for Black Men

cute short haircut

Black men have many options for short hairs as they can get curly style , comb over, fade and many more. This short haircut required edgy shaved front lines and evenly cut top hairs to very short length so it required great professional skills.

Textured Hairstyle for men with thin hair

short haircut images

If you want clean look with small beard and short hairs then this hairstyle is best for you. It has a rough look beard with top slicked shiny textured hairs that make this style more difficult. One can also get this style with grayish hairs.

Fringe Crew

taylor swift short haircut

Fringe crew haircut for men is a good mix of longer and the traditional short length hairs. This hairstyle is best for people having long faces and clear jaws. This can be combined with fade or undercut style to make it look even more versatile This style may not suite on every person but it can add an extra grace if looks best on your face.

Swept Up Vintage hairstyle 

short haircut round face

This vintage look is also great for people who want to get some modern haircut. This style is the combination of fade and comb over haircut. The top hairs are styles with the help of some hair product like gel that can easily maintain the position of the layers.

Natural Flow Crew

haircut long on top short on sides

For people having bald patches or who have less hairs on the front head, they can cover their head using this receding hairline look. The side haircuts are cut in taper style while the top hairs are combed toward each other in two layers.

Faux Hawk Short hairstyle for men

short blonde haircut

Faux Hawk style have gained popularity as this style is very much famous among many american celebrities. In this hairstyle, the front hair length gradually changes from short to long and a lot of textures are added to it. Just get a taper look on the side and use some hair product to adjust the top hairs.

Spiky Hawk with Short hairs

mens short haircut styles

This haircut for youngster as it has cool spiky look. This haircut have more spiky hairs on the and in the front instead of the comb over style. The sides can be faded up to the top hairs bottom line.

Hawk Fade With Texture

men's short haircut

As already discussed, the short hairstyles can be combined with fade haircut in many ways. Haw fade is also one of the combination of the short hairs and the fade hairs. The simple difference is that it has a shaved line that separate the top hairs from the side hairs. One additional feature of this haircut is a texture if plane that make this style more cool and stylish. You can get any kind of favorite texture according to your need.

Short hairs Wih Arrow Crew Fade

haircut short in back long in front

The arrow style is really a cool look. The back hairs are cut into an arrow texture pointing toward the neck . But this style is very difficult to make and required much experience barber because of much complicated detailing.

Short Textured Hairstyle for Men

short haircut for fine hair

This men wearing a short spiky haircut and cool beard makes it clear that this is one of the best looking style. To adjust the top hairs you can use some kind of hair product.

Textured hairs with side fade

medium short haircut

People who don't want to have a massive haircut on the top of their head, this haircut fits best for the, It is good for face and for people who really don't have  thick massive hairs on the top. The layered hairs are combed to make a spiky style. This style can be adopted by any men of any age.

Asymmetrical & Short Sides Haircuts for Men

very short haircut

Symmetrical hairs are the choice of modern generation who want to look cool and stylish with out doing extra efforts. This haircut have highlights that make it even more cool looking hairstyle for men.

Curly Textured haircut with  Mid Top

beyonce short haircut

Curly style look is always amazing for people with short hairs. Especially for youngster or college going students who don't have much time because of their studies. The way this hairstyle defines the curly hairs and manage it is just amazing. For people who are working in and office and don't have time to maintain their haircut, they can get this look to get more attractive. The way this cut takes control and defines curly hair while making it manageable is amazing. For guys in school or the work place, this is a look that will make you look put together no matter what.

Major Short Texture haircuts

haircut styles for short hair

People with round faces can look to this simple and stylish hair style that will give you more attractive look according to your face shape. As for many people , they don't know which style will suite best on their face. So people with round face can try this cool haircut. The top hairs are kept long and combed to one side.

Short Haircut for Curly Hairs

short haircut for oval face

People who want to have really short hairs which do not require any maintenance or care, this hairstyle is for the. It is the most simple short hairstyle for people with curly hairs.

High Slick Cut with Short Side

haircut long in front short in back

If you want long hairs on top, then you can get this slick cut with long hairs on the top like a pompadour and the side hairs can be taper or cut to a very short length. This vintage style is a winning haircut for men who want to look sharp and trying hard to get some favorable haircut.

Faux Hawk Flow Fade with texture 

This is a unique faux hawk style with texture on the side introducing a little fade effect below the texture shaved line area. There are two to three different kind of designs involved in this haircut. One is the tribal like design with the fade effect. The other is spiky top hairs with clean edged lines on the front and in the beard.

Short & Spiky All Over

Spikes are always loved by youngster. This short spiky hairstyle is a fun for people who just want a simple style with an extra punch. The top hairs spikes and the side rough cutting makes this the one of the best short haircut for men. This can also be used for people who have  shaded hairs. 

Undercut wavy hairstyle for men with small beard

Although this style features a little long hairs but if seen more precisely, the haircut range from medium to short haircuts. The hairs start shortening in length as it moves to the sides. For those who want hair for styles and look, This is the best option for a fashion savvy.

Barely There Short Haircuts for men

This extra  small celebrity style is one of the best looking haircut for men. This one is for people who want to shave every thing from your face. All the hairs are cut to very short evenly length.

Blow out short haircuts for men

Although this style is named blow out but it looks more like comb over. There is a lot of texture involved to get a featured front look. This style is most suitable for thin and silky hairs. You can adjust the hairs with the help of the comb or simply with the movement of the hands .

Square Blunt Bangs Texture Cut

This shaded haircut vintage look is again getting trendy with a modern variation. This style have gained much popularity in the Europe region. The square cut look make this style unique and different from other styles. If you are having prominent for head then you might want to avoid this style.

Short spikes With Side Fade

This style is one of the best men short hairstyle as it has gained much popularity among people of all ages. The top hairs are cut to short length and the side hairs are fade. Top hairs can be separated from the side hairs using an edge line.

Super Slick Side Part Short men Hairstyle

This is the best hairstyle that gets the combination of comb over and side fade. The side hairs are cut to short length and the top hairs are kept longer. If you are a happening guy who want to get a stunning look then he should consider this slick and short haircut.

The Short Texture Ear Taper Men hairstyle

This shaggy haircut is the best for youngster. The top hairs are cut in rough style with varying look which is then combed according to the style requirement. The taper us an important cut with face framing look.

Surfer Cut With Major texture Highlights

This style is adopted with many models as this require shaded hairs so it requires a lot of maintenance. This style can also be adopted by the blond people or people having brownish shade in hairs. Surf style is cool for naturally highlighted hairs. 

The Flats Short hairs

To get a flat look at reasonable height, many boys many not be adopting this kind of haircut wiht really flat hairs. But this style make flat style a little more creative by adding a reasonable height. If you want out doors with manageable length then this is the best option.

The Depp Hair style

short haircut styles for black hair

With the variation of the length of the top hairs, this one also one of the haircut ranging from long to short hairs. People having thick hairs can try this style for their new look. Still a 1990 look can make it one the best looking haircut of the century.

Slick & Part

curly short haircut

This gentle men look is great for people who really want to grab attention of people. With the help of some hair product, the top and the side hairs can be settled. This is one of the most fashionable look that can be termed as a simple slick over or comb over style.

The Short Ombre hair cuts

short haircut curly hair

Ombre is named because of the shade of many colors in short hairs. Ombre color can be achieved by changing the hair shades from lighter to darker. Please not that natural colors should be used to make this hair texture other wise it will look more temporary. In this haircut, the color shades are more important.

The Well Tapered Short Hairstyle

short haircut for boys

This is one the most adopted hairs styles by Asian people as it has the lines with cuts in the front side head are just amazing. The taper side hairs are mostly dependent upon the face shape and can be adjusted according to the face shape requirement.

The Front Line Fade Haircut For Black Men

Black Men have many choice for haircuts and this one fade front haircut is one of them. I have already posted many fade haircuts styles including haircut for black men which are much easy to make but this style is more amazing and unique. As this style have clear fade on the front and a texture on the front side. People are always looking for a manageable solution for thick or curly hairs and this style is a simple solution.

The Marcel Fade Short Hairs

short haircut for square face

For people with curly hairs, this is one best style. We call it Marcel Fade because the curl pattern are similar to famous Marcel curl style of 1920-30s. We call this a Marcel fade because the curl pattern and style are similar to the highly popular Marcel curls of the 1920s-30s.

Wavy Pomp & Fade

short haircut with side bangs

This style suites best for people having naturally curly or wavy hairs. This is a retro style that gives you a stylish look, a handsome style and styles the facial hairs. 

Short Classy Haircut for Men

We will made to the end with this conclusion that the short hairs are the best haircut for men and it also have a lot of varieties. All those looks are simple but some of them required a little experienced barber due to their complicated shape and texture. If you are planning to get some new haircut then we suggest you to choose form the top haircuts for men. Also if you choose one then don't forget to share your experience with us.

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