40 Best Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Men

Shaved hairstyles are trending now a days due to their modern looks and simple style. If you are looking for some cool, presentable and stylish haircut then you are at the right place. Ritzy is important to get a cool and stylish look. If you are wearing this haircut and going to any party, people will notice this haircut first. The most important thing is well understood look and it is a n understood fact without saying. The other thing that matters the most is the choice of the haircut whether it is according to the current haircuts trend or not. Shaved side haircuts are trending now a days and they are getting popular among men. 

40 Best Shaved Sides Hairstyles for Men

Shaved Sides Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men

Shaved line haircut are getting trendy with modern variations. You will find this haircut in trends whether it is an old summer scene or a winter breeze. This style adds extra grace to your personality and make you look more great and cool. We are having a collection of some of the cool Shaved Side Hairstyles for Men. 

If you are planning to get some new style, you can choose from this list. 

Blow Back Shaved Side fade haircut

Shaved Sides Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men
Fade side haircut with short Beard

A blow back style is best made with the help of a drier as all the hairs on the top are comb to the back side. The hairs can be set to their shape by using some hair product. They are difficult to maintain and require extensive care. The side hairs are totally cut or have fade style while the top hairs change in length from long to short. 

Rocker Crop Shaved Hairstyle 

This is one of the most difficult style to make but once you get and in chance if it suites you, it will totally groom your personality. If you want to get this haircut, take this image with you in the barber shop as you can not explain this style in words. This is the combination of different haircuts like Hawk haircut style, undercut with spikes and clear line style. The hawk style forms the best side combination with the undercut style and a clear transition line differentiate these haircuts. 

High and Tight Shaved haircuts for men

90' s haircut is back with a lot of variations. One of the best looks for dark hair with bleach hairs on the top. This makes then look more unique. If you dont want to have upward spiked hairs, you can shave the top hairs to get a different look. This will also avoid the root damage issue. This hairstyle have shaved line which seperate the top bleach hairs from the bottom fade hairs. 

Prohibition Era Short Sides shaved Style haircuts

A pomp with vintage haircut is the next generation style. This can be classified as one of the best trending haircut fot 2017. The best part of this hairstyle is the top pomp part with shaved back and sides. This can also be termed as clmb over with the back flip hairs. The layers adds an extra charm to make thw hairs look more honing in this classic style. 

Military Hairstyles for Men 

Military haircuts are best trending for men. There are many style combinations available for men. If you don't want long hairs on top and want a high and tight look, then military haircut is the best option for you. This can be made in different styles like skin fade or classic fade. This hairstyle features ahort hairs on the top with a side taper starting well above the temple. 

Perfect Shaved Fade Haircut for men

Shaved haircut remain always trending Mens haircuts. If you don't want long hairs then this short hairstyle can make your day. In this style, the side fade haircuts gradually combine with the bottom shaved portion. The top hairs are kept short to give a stylish look. 

Pomp with Shaved sides

If you have long and thick hairs on top, this one is the best option. This can also be afopted by the people having straight hairs who want a new style. The side haircuts are cut in a taper style with the bottom edge shaved and gradually combine with the top taper hairs. The yop pomp stylelooks great for those who have long hairs. The spike hairs on the top are the main great style. If you want to get a massive thick hair look then this one is the best option. It is a little bit complicated style and you might require some hair product to adjust the top hairs. It require extensive maintenance.   

Waves hair with side shave style

The top hairs with short length are getting trendy now a days. It is not essential to have long hairs on the top. This style suites best dor black men with short curly hairs as the black people usually prefer short haircut. The top hairs are seperated from the side hairs with clean shaved line. You can use some haircut to make the top wave hairs smooth. 

High Arch Shaved Design Haircut

An arched haircut is one in which the top hajrs are deaigned in an arched style. This style can have any kind of beard style especially the long beard looks best with this haircut. This rocking style with side shaved and no buns gives a new look to the hairs. Alsl the clear edge front and the shavdd line give a different look. This style can be difficult to achieve so be careful while choosing your stylist as little mistake can make this haircut looks ugly. This is one of the best option for black men who want to get a stylish look.  

Short Sides with Long Waves Haircut

Wavy hairatyle always remain the in the top list for men hairstyle. This style is best for people who have shade hairs with thick amooth hairs on the top. This shaves style with undercut style sides are best for wave style loving men. You can use some hair product to adjust the hairs to the back side. If you have thick volumenous hairs on the top then you can get easily adjuat the back style hairs with a simple comb over to the back side. Just brush your hairs to the back to get this stylish look.  

Texture Hairstyle With Design 

Textured hairstyle have gained much popularity among young boys. When combined with other haircuts like fade and comb over , it gives a great combination of style and art. It depends upon your barber if he can make this style or not. A simple wave on the side and front spike hairs makes this style so unique. To get your front hairs straight, you can use some hair product to keep them at their place or simply brush them to back side to create a wave. 

Classic Pompadour Hai style

Pompadour is a modified form of old vintage style to make you stand out in the crowd. The shaved sides with top side hairs having fade and yhe hairs on top are kept usually long. A clean shaved line can be used to seperate the top hairs from the side hairs. To keep the top hairs on their location, simply use the comb to comb your hairs or use some hair product to get more clear popm haircut on the top. 

Cool Naturally Shaved Crop

For men with curly rough hairs, side shaved haircuts is a good option as it gives a clean natural texture to the side hairs making them look cool and healthy. The top pomp with side texture  are easy to made. The top hairs can be made in pomp style and the side hairs are cut in taper form to give a more adoptive look. 

Side Part Pomp with shaved sides

Pomp haircuts are becoming extremely popular because of their unusual look and style. People having brown texture hairs with long silky hairs on the top can get this stylish haircut. To make this style look cool and different, the top hairs are kept long and a pomp haircut is given to the top hairs. The side hairs are simply cur like undercut style with the extreme bottom cleanly shaved. The top hairs are silky and smooth then this style is very easy to make. Simply comb your hairs to one side with the pomp on front side. Other wise you need to get some gel for hairs. 

Shaved Hipster Undercut For Men

This haircut is extremely modern style as it makes its place in the fashion industry with texture look on the side. This hairstyle can also be adopted by skinny or balded people who want to hide their patches. A simple comb over style can get them a very cool look. The top long hairs when combined with the undercut can be made in many ways. The top long hipster hairs which have long hairs on top combed to the back side and shaved on the side are the modern style hipster look. The plus point is the beard style as the long beard with this style gives you a clean edgy look. The extremely popular haircut for people who want to look different on the fashion ramp or in the fashion award. 

Short Sides Exaggerated Side Part Haircuts 

This cool haircut can be termed as retro pomp with modern crop style. This haircut is difficult to make as it involve many details and require extensive maintenance. The clean front hairs shaved and the a clean shaved line separates the top hairs from hairs form the side hair. The top hairs are cut in retro style with clean silky smooth look. You can use some hair cream or gel to get a more stylish look. 

Fade with Shaved Design

The more awaited texture wavy design is mostly adopted by Korean pop stars. This style combined the old tribe look with the modern shave style. The modern shaved hairline with a more creative top hairs style make this style unique and impressive. This one is a real difficult design with the side wave look which make it a really cool style. You need to take this image with you to your barber shops and give him clear instruction regarding the details of the style. 

Tousled Top and Short Sides

Every body don't like clean haircut style, some men are interested to get a clean clear side haircut with a rough hairstyle for the top hairs. You can choose hairstyle form many available but the best choice is one that suites on you. If you want rugged look then you should go for a choppy haircut with tousled layers on the top. The clean hairline with a spiky look is really loved by every girl. 

Shaved Sides Curly Crop

This haircut is for people who are having naturally curly hairs. The best about this haircut is that you don't need to comb your hairs once you get this style. Just wake from your bed and go to your work. This hairstyle features curly hairs cut in a crop style. Like the crop extrudes a cool chick vibe. The side hairs are clean shaved and the top hairs are massive curls with rough look. 

Swept Over and Shaved Taper

A perfect side part haircut can be made by the combination of side shaved and the top long hairs. Swept over haircut is one which features neat swept comb hairs on the top and small shaved sides. The taper on the side gives an additional edge to this style. The clean shaved line makes this style more perfect by adding charm and style, The shaved line separate the side taper haircut from the top long hairs wept to one side. 

Men Bun Cool Down

Bun styles always remained favorite for men, especially for people who don't want to look old often adopt this style. This haircut have no age limits. The side hairs are clearly shaved with the top hairs kept long and a bun is made on the top. As the weather warms, the rise in temperature makes this style even more prominent.

Shaved Sides Hairstyles Men Love

The classic side shaved haircut is one of the best choice for men. Especially for people who want to have a combination of beard and fade or comb over haircut, this one is the best hairstyle for them. The top long hairs can be made more smooth and thick using some hair cream. The sides are evenly shaved to separate form the top hairs. This look gives a more soft and romantic feel without getting a much massive haircut. 

Modern Mane with Short Sides

This modern hipster haircut for men is a choice for people who want to have a hipster look in combination with a hipster hairstyle. This style is really popular right now because it makes you look much younger than your actual age. A clean top hipster style and the side shaved with a clean beard style gets more attractive when small beard style is added. The cutting involves the transition of long top hairs to the small taper side hairs which then merge with the beard . The hairs on the sides are commonly of the same length as the beard hairs. 

Short and Bold Hairstyle for Men

The short and bold style is more famous among black men but it can be adopted by anyone. As this style include the top short hairs with the side shaved. The sides are shaved with the combination of sculpted facial beard style and the top short hairs with spikes or rough style. This suites best on them having a tough guy personality. 

Shaved sides Textured Hairstyle

Shaved style haircut are trending now a days with many looks and beard styles. If you want a clean facial look then you should most probably go for shaved haircut. If you are having top thick hairs and want a perfect haircut that suites both with your beard style and your personality, this thick top long hair look is best for you. The side hairs are cut in taper fashion to maintain the length combination. Also some of the haircuts are combined with beard styles to get more facial exposure and the top long hairs just make this style look like Lumber Jack hairstyle. 

Undercut Shaved Style

An undercut style features long hairs on top and short clean shaved hairs on the side. The undercut look give a new clean dimension to the personality. Just to get a flawless look, you can get the combination of long hairs with side shaved haircut. 

Side Part and Faded Sides

The shaved style with a clear shaved line is the requirement of modern fade haircut. This style is extracted from many creative American African hairstyles. The side hairs are cut in fade format where the hairs fade until they become completely obsolete. The top hairs are separate from the side hairs using shaved line which gives an extra modern look to this creative style. The top hairs can be adjusted with the help of some cream or combed to one side with some brush. 

Short and Curly Style

People with curly hairs finds it difficult to style their hairs as the curly hairs are difficult to maintain. But on the other style, there are many options available for curly haircuts. This haircut can be choosen for any event as it features the top hairs long curls and the side hairs are tapered. One can also get clean shaved sides with only top long curly thick hairstyle. 

Shaved Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Again here comes a style for curly hairs that make curly hair look more advanced. Mostly the black men adopt for a fade haircut as it is easy to maintain but side shaved hairstyle can also give a clean look. To get this haircut, the side hairs are shaved up to the middle bottom sides with the top hairs cut to very short length. 

Throwback Simplicity

This style is favorite of many people as it gives a clean look. This style is abstracted from 90'2 middle school haircuts. This suites best to silky smooth hairs. The top hairs are long that can be made to any style while the side hairs features the layers from short to fade look. This style can be adjusted with facial hairs that adds extra grace to this haircut. 

Beards Style with Comb Back Haircut For Men

There are many ways in which we can style shaved haircut. Some of them are very fancy while some of them are simple yet screams more simplicity than those which require high maintenance. This one is a combed back simple style with side shaved. The top hairs cab be combed with the help of brush to get the require settlement or they may be adjusted using some hair product. 

Shaved Style for Thin Hair

Thin hairs have many options of haircut that can give you a different stylish look. The thin hairs are difficult to cut and maintain. The shaved style is best looking for people with thin hairs and a little bit textured hairs. The top hairs are kept long to draw attention while the side hairs are cut to very short length. 

Modern Men’s Shaved Sides Hairstyles

If you want a more pomp like style with the silky smooth top hairs then you can go for modern men shaved haircut. This style can be adopted by people having long to medium hairs. The top pomp with side shaved hairs add extra length to your face and make them look prominent. 

Wild and Fun Style

Young people are always looking for funny haircut that can add extra grace to their personality. Here comes the wild haircut that have a rough long haircut on the top. This style is amazing for youngster. The more animal like hairstyle looks best with the side shaved hairs more like fade hairs that easily blends with the facial beard hairs.

Shaved Sides Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked back haircuts have gained much popularity among men of all ages as they add extra grace to their style and personality. To get a more heroic look for your thick hairs keep slicked back top hairs on the top, comb them to the back side with the hair product, wax or gel. Adjust the length of the top hairs as per your need. 

Spiral Carved Haircut

This funny texture haircut is a choice of youngster. This style requires a lot of detailing and texture adding center spikes and fun to the haircut. Further the wavy shaved texture style with shaved part adds additional charm. 

Long Men’s Haircut – Shaved Sides Included

The front spike long hairstyle having lot of details is usually adopted by many fashion stylist as this style is difficult to make and maintain and requires extensive maintenance. The hairs are textured carefully and the central top part hairs are kept long with the side hairs cut in layer style. The top layer have short undercut hairs with the shaved line separating the top hairs from the bottom side hairs. Then comes the shaved portion that make the top middle hair more focused giving this style a fun part. 

Slicked Back Seriousness

There are some slicked haircuts already shared but this slicked back hairs is something different. This style is best for people having thick hairs on top as the top hairs are cut in such a way that the top hairs are slicked back. The shaved line separate the top slicked back hair cuts from the side shaved hairstyle. The top hairs can be slicked back using brush and using a little wax or gel. 

Combed Forward Style

There are many ways to use shaved style. Combed forward is a simple style that is combined with shaved side haircuts. The style have long hairs on top that are brush to the front side. The sides are completely shaved to make the top front side comb hairs more prominent. This style is a good choice for men having thick silky hairs. 

Long Facial Hair Chic

This one is a really hot haircut that features the combination of shaved sides with long top hairs and a cool beard style. This combination of texture and length of the hairs have revolutionized completely the haircut industry. This style makes the top hairs more prominent and the beard and mustache style adds extra edge to this style. The top and the side hairs can be seen completely separated while the facial hairs starting from the end of the sides. 

As we have much talked about the shaved hairstyles, you can have a clear look about different styles and combinations of haircuts. If you want to have a cool haircut that makes you look more creative, you should go for the shaved haircut. If you are planning to get new haircut then bookmark this page and show it to your hairstylist to choose one best haircut for yourself. You can also share your thoughts using the comment section. 
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