25 Stylish Men Undercut Hairstyles 2016

Undercut Hairstyle is one of the top most trending haircut for men in UK. It is one of the most famous hairstyle that is trending on all Popular Men magazine. This is also the choice of many stars and fashion stylist. 

Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Undercut hairstyle is one of the most trending hairstyle of 2016. It is very famous among the young generation who want adorable looks and styles. It can be fixed on any kind of hair texture and type. Undercut Hairstyle is available in a variety of haircuts like it blends with Wavy hairs, curly hairs or straight. This makes your personality looks more unique and different. You need no more style or fashion to look better after getting this haircuts. You can get this style for any event or casual event. 
There is a lot of variety available for Undercut style. The original question is the choice of the best style as per your face and hair texture requirement. There are different modern and some trendy version of this hairstyle available so you are having a big variety to choose from.

Classic Undercut style for Boys 

One of the type is Classic Haircut in which the top hairs are kept long and the side hairs are trimmed to very small length. To make this style look more neat, polished and neat, you need a little gel. This style can be adopted with any kind of beard style or any kind of hair texture. The top hairs can be combed to the back side or they can be simply waved to the sides. 
the classic undercut

Fade Undercut hairstyles for Men

There is another type of Undercut hairstyle known as Disconnected Hairstyle. In this type of style, the side hairs are separated from the top hairs using a shaved line. This style is very famous among stars and especially soccer player. This style is inspired from the 40's hairstyle. The top hairs are kept longer or up to medium length. The top hairs then adjusted with the help of some hair product like gel or some hair shining cream.

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Disconnected Undercut on wavy hairhipster disconnected Undercut look

Best Undercuts for Men 

Slicked Back Hairstyle is one of the famous haircut type in which the top hairs are kept longer and the side hairs are cut tapered or in a fade style. The top hairs can be adjusted to give a slicked look. This hairstyle is suitable for Long silky hairs. You can also use some hair products to adjust the top hairs. This style is best for slicked long straight hairs. These are also adjustable with any kind of beard style. The hairstyle is highly adopted by the youngster and also the young professional. The smart look with clean beard style gives you a unique style. 
David Beckhems Undercut hairstyle
Men's Layered Undercut Hairstyle
Slicked back undercut
Undercut slick back look
There are many more types of undercut styles like Layered , side swept or puffy undercut hairstyle. If you want to get a neat and attractive style with amazing variations then this style is the best option for you. The choice is difficult as choosing best hairstyle depends upon your hair types and face shape. So choosing the best hairstyle which suites your personality and style is difficult. You can get help from your friends or your hairstylist. 

Popular Undercut Hairstyles for Men 2016

voluminous undercut
Formal Side swept
short undercut with facial hair
long curly hair with undercut

layered undercut
Cool Undercut haircut for guys 2016
Long undercut hairstyle for boysMens Bald Fade Undercut with Beard
Messy Undercut HairstylePompadour undercut hairstyleSpikeup Undercut look for BoysUndercut Business HairstyleProfessional undercut hairstyle with beard 2016Short Pompadour Undercut HairstyleUndercut Hairstyle 2016
Sidepart undercut hairstyle 2016Slick back undercut hairstyle for boysUndercut slickback ponytail hairstyle 2016
Here ends the list of Top Undercut hairstyles trends for 2016-2017. To get the best hairstyle, take these pictures to your hairstylist. Also share your experience with us if you choose one the top haircuts.
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