17 Low fade Comb over haircuts for men

Fade comb over haircuts are the best hairstyle for boys especially going to college. Comb over style have gained a lot of popularity in a few years and is becoming extremely becoming popular. Comb over haircut is combined with Fade style to get modern look.

Low fade Comb over haircuts

In comb over hairstyle, the top hairs are kept longer and combed to one side. When combined with fade style, the side hairs are faded to very small length.

How to do a Comb over with Low fade

Grandpa comb over style is changed to comb over modern look. Comb over fade haircut is the combination of the old comb over and the modern fade haircut. This style is getting more popularity and will continue to gain. It is also popular as it is easy to make in combination with different styles.

Low bald fade comb over

People having patches or bald skin on head extremely fond of this style as this style easily covers the bald patches. It is equally popular among youngster and old people. People want to have new style so with the modernization of fashion industry, hairstyles industry have also revolutionized.

low fade taper comb over style

There are different styles available like taper , fade, curly or undercut style. The choice of best hairstyle is very difficult as haircut choice is dependent upon your hair texture and also your face type.

If you are planning to get new hairstyle , then you should probably choose a style from the below list.

Comb over style low fade with beard

Beard styles are becoming famous. To get the best look with a beard style, you can select comb over style. This style can be adopted with long or short beard style. The beard can be in the form of rough style, cleaned edged shaved line. 

The top hairs can be separated from the side hairs with the help of clear shaved line. This shaved line separate the top hairs from the side hairs and also give it an attractive look. 

Comb over style can also be combined with simple taper style. In taper style, the side hairs are cut in a tapper manner means from top to bottom, the hair length gradually decreases. 

We can also combine this style with any kind of beard style. In this style, the hairs are shaded brown and all the top hairs are combed to the back side. 

The old traditional style is converted to a new look by adding different variations. One of which is the addition of shaved line which separate the top hairs from the side hairs. The top hairs are set with the help of some hair product like Gel and the side hairs can be tapered or faded. 

The spike style is also famous giving a vintage look. The hairs are kept of medium length will the hairs combed to one side and the front hairs have spikes. 

Shaved line separating the tapered side hairs and the top combed hairs to the back style is also one of the modern combination of this style. 

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