10 Best Curly Hairstyles of 2016-2017

Curly hairs are the best trending hairstyles for girls of all ages.These hairs have natural texture and the internet is full of hairstyle option for curly hairs. The girls with natural Curly hairs can use this texture to get an amazing different look. There are different kind of styles available that will make you look more trendy, unique and stunning. 

Curly Hairstyles for Girls:

If you are having straight hairs and thinking about getting the stylish curly hairs look but can not get due to your current straight hairs then don't worry as there are many ways to get curls on your hairs and you can enjoy all kind of looks with your straight hairs. There are many kind of styles available for curly hairs but the choice of the best hairstyle according to your face shape and hair texture is a difficult question. We have made this easy for your by collecting the best Curly Hairstyle list for you. Choose the best one as your next hairstyle and share your thoughts with us.

1.  PONY WITH A KICK Curly hairstyle

Curly updos are the most exceedingly cute haircut for girls. They are easy to made and you can get this hairstyle in just a few minutes. Just make a simple pony tail and smooth your top hairs. YYou can also add some locks at the front to make this style more beautiful. 


To get a stylish and more romantic look, you can add a voluminous and messy fish braid style. It looks perfect with Curly hairs combination. 

3. LOW SIDE BUN Curly Haircuts for girls

Low side Bun with Curly hairs are the best to wear for proms, wedding, parties. This style gives very stylish and gorgeous look with the perfect makeup and dress. Again the choice is difficult as it it highly dependent upon your hair length and texture. If you are having short hair then this style can not be made. It require long hairs.


Making your curly hair look like a bob is very easy as it only requires a scarf to tie in a style like sweat band and tucking the loose hairs from behind to give a look like bob. This is best suited for Short curly hairs.

5. CLASSIC QUIFF WITH curly haircuts

Curly hairs with Quaff look is really gorgeous. This is quit famous among the celebrities of 70 to 80's era. In this hairstyle, the hairs on the front side are styled to get this style. 

6. Side Pony tail for curly hairs

Pony tail styles are the best looking and trending curly hairstyles for girls. This style really gives you a cute and romantic look. The hairs are made like a one way pony style. 

7. LOOSE FRENCH TWIST Haircuts for women

French twist hairs with front framing curly style are the best tried hairstyle for women. This is also easy to made and gives you cool amazing look. 


This simple style is no doubt the most adopted by the girls of universities and colleges. The back hairs are tied and given a side parting. 

9. EBONY CURLy hairs

if you are having pure curly hairs then this style is the best choice for you. With this simple stylish look,the hairs are divided in to two parts. This haircut is best for people wotj curls at the bottom and sleek hairs with curls. 

10. CURLY BANGS style

This celebrity look gives you a different style. No doubt, it seems purely artificial but if you are having really cool curly hairs then you are the one who can get this stylish look. Even you can also change your straight hairs to curly style. This hairstyle is best for the hairs of short length. 

So here we go with the best  Hairstyle for Curly hairs. If you are planning to get some new haircuts then consider these amazing style, Also share your thoughts about the Curly styles which you are going to adopt. 
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