Best Comb over haircut for men 2016-2017

Comb over fade haircut is a ever green style that you might like to adopt for your next haircut. You are doing it from your child hood and you listen it right. Just remember the day when you were a child and your mother used to comb your hairs to one side. You were actually doing the comb over hairstyle. Wit the passage of time, thisstyle has gain much more popularity and is now grown up into many forms. 

Comb over haircut for men 

In comb over Hairstyle, all the hairs on the top are combed to one side or back. Mostly the top hairs are kept a little longer while the side hairs can be cut into various forms like fade style, tapper or undercut style. 

High Fade Comb Over

Comb over haircut offers a lot of variety and you can find a number of options for the. These haircuts are for people of all ages. It does not matter whether your are a college going student or a professional worker, this hairstyle is best looking for every one. The style and the fashion industry has modernized the Grandpa haircut style into the modern look. No doubt people with age of 40 to 60 can also adopt this style. 
If you are facing hair problems like hair fall or hair thinning, As these problems are increasing on daily basis in our youngster. If you are having bald patches and you want to cover them to hide your bald head, this hair style is perfect for you as it cover bald patches and also helps to reduce hair fall problem. People with bald patches usually gets less attraction from the women so men are becoming more sensitive toward their hair care. To reduce this problem and to avoid criticism from people, we advice you to get new Comb over haircut to cover completely  your head under hairs.

Comb over fade haircuts

Due to the sudden growth of fashion industry, this hairstyle has completely revolutionized. This is now available into many forms ranging from Simple to modern looks like fade comb over or curly style . This hairstyle can also be combined with the simple tapper haircut as it gives more unique and different look. There are different type of comb over hairstyle like short haircut, low fade or high fade comb over haircut and many more. The choice of the best hairstyle is the most difficult task. As the selection is the major phase to get modern look, so it is totally dependent upon your hair texture and face look. If you want to get rid of embarrassing situations due to your bold scalp then you can adopt haircut as it is completely going to cover your head scalped area. You can also use some kind of hair product to set your hairs or to get a more creepy look. You can adjust your hairs with the help of a comb to any style. You can comb your hairs to the side or to the back which ever suites you. One can also slick the hairs back or side part them. 
This style is taken to the next level by the addition of Shaved Line. Shaved line is a clear line cut in between top and side hairs which separate the top hair from the side hairs. Low taper fade comb over haircut with shaved line is the best looking style now a days. One can also go for taper style.

Also found Best Men Hairstyles
Here are some of the top best hairstyles for men

1. David Bekham’s Style

Bekham's side slick
2. Bradley cooper’s modern look
bradley cooper's voluminous combover
3. Pompadour comb over  hairstyle
combover pompador

4. Leonardo’s Slick back style

leonardo's combover

5. Neat and Slick side part


6. Gelled comb over haircut for boys

runway combover

7. Ryan Gosling short casual hairstyle


8. Comb over haircut with highlights

short combover with highlights

9. The Side parted textured look


10. The nerdy look of 2016

trendy combover

11. Zac Efron Clean Comb Overs Hairstyle

Zac Efron Comb Over Hairstyle

12. Tousled Long Hairstyle

Tousled Long Hairstyle

13. Slick Back with Shaved Sides

Slick Back with Shaved Sides

14. Short Rugged Style

Short Rugged Style

15. Pompadour with hard part

Pompadour Comb Over Style

16. Long Top & Short Sides

Long Top Short Sides

17. Justin Timberlake Comb Over Hairstyles

Justin Timberlake Comb Over Hairstyles

18. Shaved line hard part style

Hard Part Comb Over with Shaved Line

19. Gelled Pompadour Style

Gelled Pompadour Style

20. Big For Head Haircuts

Fade Cut for Chubby Face

21. David Beckham’s look

David Beckhem's Look

22. Clooney Salt & Pepper look

Anton Nilson's Comb Over Hairstyle

23. Bleaced side tappered fade haircuts for men

Bleached Top Look

24. Rough Long beard

Brown Sidepart with Beard Style

25. Comb Over Taper Haircut

Comb Over Taper Haircut

26. Wavy/ Curly combover style

Comb over wavy hairstyle

27. Shaved line low fade combover haircut

Clean fade with shaved sides

28. Golden hairs with short hairs on sides

Golden Slick Back Shaved Sides

29. Shaved Line Stye

Sleek shaved line look

30. 1950 cool combover style

Trendy 1950's Look
This is all we have to share with you, if you are planning to get new hairstyle then you should look around and choose one for your next haircut. Don't forget to share your thoughts with is in the comments. 
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