10 Men’s Hairstyle Trends For 2016-2017

If you are searching for some hot trending hairstyles then you are at the right place. Most famous hairstyle is Pompadour in which the hair is combed upward from the forehead without a part to achieve a fashionable look. Different versions of the pomp are trending now a days, which are longer, and looser brown colored to give big style.

Trending haircuts for Men 

These ten styles are some of the favorite trends for 2016_ 2017.

1. Longer Natural Hair Slick Pomp

Natural hairs always attracts people if properly managed. This men hairstyle make you look different and elegant. To adopt a cherish look , you can choose this style.

2. High Fade Pompadour

Fade hairstyles are trending now a days. In these hairstyles, simply the hair fades when moving from top to down. They suite on all kind of hairs from long to medium. If they can be choose with different beard styles.

3. Bald Fade Medium Hair Pomp

These are best suited fro medium hairs, Get this stylish look to look unique and attractive.

4. Bald Fade / High Fade Pompadour

High fade haircuts suites on long to medium hairs. These haircuts have sides cleared and the top hair fade slightly toward bottom side.

5. Medium Slicked Pomp High Fade

It is difficult to choose a style for Slicked hairs so this haircut can make your day. If you are having slicked hair and planning to get a new one then you can try this one.

6. High Fade + Cool Long Pomp-Quiff

Long hairstyles have their own charm and if properly managed they make you unique and attractive. This cool stylish look is popular among young boys to office working persons with professional life.

7. Low Skin Fade Pompadour

In low skin fade, the hairs are trimmed too short which make the design unique.

8. Medium Length Pomp

9. High Fade Loose Pompadour

10. Bald Fade Medium Length Pompadour

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These are the best trending hairstyles for men. Hope you enjoyed all of these hairstyles. Just select a simple hair style and show it to your stylist.
If you have any idea or comment then mention it in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. 
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