Medium Hairstyles and shoulder length haircuts for Women 2016-2017

Medium shoulder-length haircuts for women are trending now a days. Girls are more conscious about their look so the decision to get the perfect hairstyle is difficult. In that case, medium length hair cuts are the best option as they are suitable for all kind of face shape and for all hair types and texture. 

Medium Hairstyles

Here we are having a list of top 65 hairstyles for women featuring celebs and other fashion model.
For thick hairs, with brown shade, medium hair styles are the perfect choice. They add grace to your personality and also make your look unique. 
medium hairstyles for thick hair
Hairstyles with bangs is a type in which we add bangs to a hairstyle. This is similar to adding a cherry to the top of an ice cream. It finish look like this. 
medium hairstyles with bangs
Messy medium trendy haircuts contains shaggy medium length bob. In these hairstyles the end of the hairs is disconnected.
messy medium hairstyles
In Medium haircuts for round faces This style contains longer front trees and also have layered cuts  This style is beneficial for girls with round face.
medium hairstyles for round faces
This versatile and Easy haircuts for women can be used for short medium hair lengths
easy medium hairstyles
This style is a combination of Medium haircut and an updo style. This updo style can be added for short hairs that will surly hide the length factor of your hairs. 
medium hairstyles updo
For Thin hairs, There are lot of haircut styles available.  For this hairs, you can easily make any kind of style that looks great for your face shape.
medium hairstyles thin
We can make a twist in haircut for medium hairs by adding waves to the hairs. You can try many kind of wavy styles like texture wave or beach wave etc. 
wavy medium hairstyles
One way to make shoulder length hairs different is by cutting hairs in layers. As layers give unique design to the short hairs. 
medium hairstyles with layers
Curly styles are trending now a days. This haircut suites for both short to medium length hairs as this gives an awesome and special look
curly medium hairstyles
This kind of hairstyle is called Long Bob Haircut.  In this style, the side hairs are kept at different lengths which is the specific touch of this style.
medium hairstyles for women
Omber hairstyles always remained very adaptive. Despite its popularity for specific period , still some girls are looking for this cool celebrity look. This hair style adds extra glow and charm to your personality.
medium hairstyles ombre
There is a lot of variety available in  Brunette hairstyle for medium hairs. These are available in different hair shade colors and textures. 
Brunette medium hairstyles
Braid hairstyles give you a fantastic look, even if you are not having long, luscious locks,
medium hairstyles braids
Half up  are easy styles that are easy to make. You can make them fancy without being formal. Half up hair styles are the best choice for any kind of occasion either for some wedding party or some function. 
medium hairstyles half up
Fine hairs are difficult to handle. So to get the best look, you can find the best style. 
medium hairstyles fine

casual medium hairstyles

formal medium hairstyles
Blonde hairstyle for women 2016 2017
blonde medium hairstyles
Over 40 style
medium hairstyles over 40
Cute medium haircuts
cute medium hairstyles
Short to medium hair styles short medium hairstyles
Medium hair styles wedding 
medium hairstyles wedding
Medium hair styles for prom medium hairstyles for prom
Medium haircuts over 50 
medium hairstyles over 50
Haircuts for Medium hairs bridesmaid 
medium hairstyles bridesmaid
Hair cuts for work
medium hairstyles for work
Medium hairstyles for summer 
medium hairstyles for summer
Medium hairstyles with fringe
medium hairstyles with fringe
Medium hairstyles for girls 
medium hairstyles for girls
Dark medium hairstyles 
dark medium hairstyles
Shoulder length medium hairstyles
medium hairstyles shoulder length
Medium hairstyles for teens 
medium hairstyles for teens
Straight medium hairstyles straight medium hairstyles
Edgy medium hairstyles 
edgy medium hairstyles
Medium bob hairstyles 
medium hairstyles bob
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