Latest Fade Haircuts for Men in 2017

Fade Haircuts are the best trending hairstyles of 2017. As this style never go out of style due to its unique look and designs. This style is getting popularity more and more day by day. There are many kind of haircut forms introduced for fade hair cuts over the past few years. 

Fade Haircuts for Men of All Ages

The style depends upon your face type and hair texture and fade haircut is adjustable for all kind of hair types. There are many options available from which it is easy to choose one. 

It is a difficult thing to find perfect haircut for your hairs. If you are planning to get new hair style for your hairs then we are having a list of top 10 fade cuts fro men from which you can choose one. If you are trying it for the first time then you should go for the simple one. 

1. Taper fade Haircuts

comb-over-fade-hairstyle-for-men 7
The taper fades always remained very popular among young boys and professional stylist. These are usually the modified version of undercut style. The side hairs are trimmed to a very short length and the top hairs slightly merges into the side hairs. These are suitable for persons with medium hairs. Also they can be adjusted with short clean edged beard style .

2. Side part fade

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 1
One side in this hairstyle contains longer hair while the other side hairs are kept shorter with a little fade effect. The top hairs length ranges from short to medium. The top hairs can be styled in various ways as they can be easily adjusted using some hair  product. 

3. High fade Hairstyle

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 2
High fade is also popular type of fade haircuts. As it doesn't require dramatic look.These are simple fade hair cuts in which the side hairs are trimmed very smoothly which the undercut hairs merges into the fade hairs. The fade then continues with the beard line giving a fine look.  This style is suitable for those who are trying fade style for the first time as it does not involve any shaved line. 

4. Mohawk haircuts

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 3
The mohawk is a modern type of fade haircuts in which most part of the side hairs are shaved and a thin strip of hairs is left on the top. They are best suited for long faces and can be used for short to medium hairs. They are best for young people going to colleges or universities as they look really cool. 

5. Geometrical fade with perfect shaved lines

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 4
Geometric shaved style involve the perfect shaved lines. In this style, the side hairs are shaved upto the middle length and the under cut hairs are gradually trimmed like tapper style. This style is difficult tot make and require lot of skill. 

6. Combed over Hair cuts

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 5
Fade haircuts can also be combined with comb over haircuts. The top hairs are cut to a shorter lenght and combed in one direction while the side hairs are trimmed with clears fade at the bottom sides. The top hairs can be kept long and they can also be adjusted at medium length. 

These hairstyle gives the fresh and unique look and is suitable for the young boys and college going students. 

7. The voluminous top fade

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 6
In this style, the side hairs are made like simple fade style while the top most hairs are kept longer and adjusted with the jel. The hairline can be shaved or not. This is another modern look hairstyles.

8. Military fade 

Latest Fade Haircuts for men 8
The military fade is one of the most famous style among young men. Yet a simple style with hairs trimmed at a very short length, These looks best on black men with clean beard edged lines. In this haircut , the side hairs are faded to up to the middle wile the top hairs are trimmed in such a way that they merges with the side hairs. 

9. Faded fohawk  

Latest Fade Haircuts for Men to Try 9
Fhawk is a creative style in which the side hairs are cut in different steps. Some hairs are faded completely wile giving a little longer hair edge , the next step starts. All the steps are properly trimmed to give a clear look. The top hairs can be kept long or medium. They can be combed to the back side or to the other sides. It can be with the wave style or the hairs can be kept straight. This style requires more maintenance and difficult to make. 

10. Pompadour fade

Latest Fade Haircuts for Men to Try 11
The pompadour fade haircut is also a great one. It can be combined with fade haircut to get a new look. The side hairs are fade cut while the top hairs are cut to a middle length. This is one of the modern hairstyle that is trending now a days. 

So hare we have discussed about ten new fade haircut styles. When combined with undercut or comb over hairstyles, they gives modern and unique look. If you want to a new look then you can try this one. Also share your ideas in the comment section. 
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