30 Hot Comb Over Haircut Styles of 2016-2017

Comb over hairstyles are the most trending hairstyles now a days. You are adopting these attractive hairstyles since your child hood. Comb over hairstyles are available in a number of forms offering a flexible range of styles. Any one can adopt these hairstyles. It does not matter you are a kid or professional worker, you can choose one of the best style for your new look. They are flexible for all age group and they are also trending in 2016-2017. 

Comb Over Haircut Styles

All of you are combing your hairs. These simple comb hairstyles start with the mom combing skill for a small child and remains until the man lasts. If you are facing hair fall problem then their is no need to worry as you can adopt simple comb over hairstyles. These give the skull to cover the clear patches where there is no more hairs. 

These can also be termed as receding hairline hairstyle. There are different form of this hairstyle available as it has grown in different forms. These can be mixed with tapper hairstyles as the look make you more attractive and clear look.  These are also best looking with fade hairs. In fade hairstyles, the length of the top hairs is kept longer while the side hairs are slight faded. 

Comb over hairstyles with shaved line are also trending. Shaved line is the most contemporary trend in the comb over hairstyles. You will see many people adopting these haircuts and you can also find many fashion designer adopting this style for celebrities. If you want a new look for your next hairstyles then this is one of the best look for you. 

Shave line is also available in comb over hairstyles and this is also becoming famous among young boys and men. The shaved line makes the comb over hair and fade hair separate. 

We are having a list of best Comb over Hairstyles for men. If you are planning to get a new haircut then you can choose form one of them. 

1. David Bekham’s Style

This celebrity like look with short beard make this style unique. From professionals to young boys, this is the best look

2. Bradley cooper’s receding Haircut

This celebrity hairstyle gives you a rough look with the best hairstyle.

3. Comb over pompadour hair style

This style is available with comb over and little fade hairs on side. This is adjustable for all kind of hair lengths including short and long hairs

4. Leonardo’s Slick back style

This style suites best for long and silky hairs in which you can comb over your hairs on backside. 

5. Neat and Slick side part

In this style, all the hairs are combed on one side. These are also adjustable for long to short lengths. 

6. Gelled comb over haircut for boys

These are the hairstyles with all hair on one side and they are adjusting by using the jel. 

7. Ryan Gosling short casual hairstyle

With short hairs, this Gosling style suites best. These gives you a unique and stylish look. 

8. Comb over haircut with highlights

Highlighted hairs include brown and reddish shades which makes the choice of hairstyle more difficult. So here is a choice for you. With this hairstyle , you can get a cool comb over hairstyles which also covers your highlighted shaded hairs. 

9. The Side parted textured look

Texture hairstyle include fade and taper hairstyles. This suites best for short to medium range of hairs and also adjustable with all kind of beard styles.

10. The nerdy look of 2016

If you are wearing glasses then this nerdy look hairstyle is best for you. Giving you a rough look, makes you unique and stylish. 

11. Zac Efron Clean Comb Overs Hairstyle

12. Tousled Long Hairstyle

13. Slick Back with Shaved Sides

14. Short Rugged Style

15. Pompadour with hard part

16. Long Top & Short Sides

17. Justin Timberlake Comb Over Hairstyles

18. Hard Part Comb Over with Shaved Line

19. Gelled Pompadour StyleGelled Pompadour Style

20. Best haircut for big forehead men

Fade Cut for Chubby Face

21. David Beckham’s Ultimate Look

David Beckhem's Look

22. The George Clooney Salt & Pepper Hairstyle

Anton Nilson's Comb Over Hairstyle

23. Bleached Top Hairstyle for Men

Bleached Top Look

24. Brown Side part with Rough Beard Style

Brown Sidepart with Beard Style

25. Comb Over Taper Haircut

Comb Over Taper Haircut

26. Comb over wavy hairstyle

Comb over wavy hairstyle

27. Clean fade with shaved sides

Clean fade with shaved sides

28. Golden Slick Back Shaved Sides

Golden Slick Back Shaved Sides

29. Sleek shaved line look

Sleek shaved line look

30. Trendy 1950’s Comb Over Hairstyle

Trendy 1950's Look
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