Comb Over Haircut For Men

Comb over hairstyles are trending now a days and they are taken form 50's hairstyles. These hairstyles have made their comeback once again with modern look and styles which separate them from the definition of original one.

No doubt, these were one of the most liked hairstyles of old times. It offered a simple and attractive look. These were equally popular among young boys as well as Gentlemen with all kind of hair.

By definition, the comb over haircuts are made by coming hear over to conceal the bald spot of the head. The original style features low volume of hairs with short hair style.

Comb Over Haircut For Men

Now the modern style have made many changes in the original style, it is now combined with tapper as well as fade haircuts. We can also found comb over with curly hairs and even vintage haircuts. Now they are not simply to cover the bald of a gentle man , the fashion industry have revolutionized the meaning of this old style. Today, the style is much more simple than the old one but much attractive. They are now differentiated based on the volume of the hairs mean high and low volume. This modern style is now available with fade to side, taper design, skin fade giving a more bolder impression.

During the past 20's, this style was much famous among professional male. At that time, they were made with short hairs and combed neatly to get a trendy look. In 30's , a slicked back style was introduced in which the hairs were combed all to the back side. In 40's the curly hairs with cob over combination completely changed the definition of original comb over hairstyle.

During 50's, the hairstyle was completely changed from shorter to longer hair and straight hairs were now curly. Today's style has it's stems in that 50's era style.

How to get Comb Over Haircut.

You can use some hair product to set the hairs, first wet them and then set the directions of the hair by combing them in the desired direction.

Or you can grow your hairs to a longer length. These hairs are easily combed to the backside or to the other sides and hence give it a new look.

If you are planning to get new hairstyle then we are having different types of hair styles for you. You can explore from them and find one of the nest style that choose you face and texture.

This is the best comb over hairstyles for guys with thick hair. For a fresh face with no beard, this is one of the best style. 

With medium Beard style, and clean hairs look, Comb over fade haircut for men with low fade on sides are best looking. 

Dapper men comb over hairstyle with hard part shaven line on sides make this style unique. This best suited for medium haircuts. 

With a cup shape for side hairs, Debonair comb over hairstyles for men shaved sides looks good. In this style, the side hair are properly shaved and the middle hairs are kept long. 

With long beard and small fade haircuts on the side, fashionable hairstyle comb over on male with beard is best looking. This is adjustable for long and short both beard styles. 

In this style, the side hairs are cut smaller and the top hairs are combed to the backside which gives a gentleman look. 

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