Best Fade and comb over hairstyles for Men 2016 2017

Fade comb over haircut styles are highly recommended by the hair stylist as they give attractive look to your face and personality. It depends upon your face type and personality whether it is going to suite your face or not as it may not look fine or a round face, there a comb over styles fits. There is always a choice available and you have to choose form the best one. 

Best Fade and comb over hairstyles

Fade and comb over hairstyles have different forms. They can be made with undercut, over cut, tapered hairs or even curly hairstyles. In some styles, the uppercut smoothly lay on the comb over fade hairs. Some times , a shaved line is also added to the separate the top and side hairs which make the hair style more cleaned. They can adopted for all kind of hairs ranging from long to short. The comb over hair style can be made in different forms so it is suitable for long hairs as they are easy to adjust. There are many forms of the haircut introduced in by the fashion industry and almost all of them are trending. 

So to make it easy to choose the best comb over fade hairstyles, we are having a list of some haircuts. You can select one of them as your next style.
1. Comb Over Fade Flip
Brushed Forward Fade
This comb over hairstyle is perfect for young boys as it give youthful and lively comb over fade attracts admiring looks . This can be combined with a loosely clipped undercut The upper hair peaks are set with the help of some hair product like jel or cream. These hairs suitable for medium length hairs

2. Impeccably Level

Combed Forward with Sideburns
The smooth and fine look is best for short hairs. The top hairs are cut too short with t he side hairs faded gradually. The undercut merges into the fine edges sideburns. 

3. Precision Sweep

Close Cropped Fade
These haircuts are difficult to made and hence require an expert stylist. In this style, the side hairs are faded while the top hairs are spiked. The top hairs are cut to a middle length at the top and the sides are cut to a smaller length.

4. Combed Astern

Swept Back Top
In this style the top hairs are kept linger and combed to the back side. The side hairs are trimmed properly which merge with the undercut. The beard style is kept rough to give this style a unique list. 
Last words
If you are planning to get a new comb over hairstyle, you can select from the top list. You can also share your experience with us in the comments. 
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