22 Best Comb Over Hairstyles for Men 2016 2017

Comb over styles originating from 20's and 50's hairstyles, are trending again now a days due to their different look and style. They provide surprisingly versatile look. Combed over hair is popular among People of all classes whether they are young professional wearing tailored suits or a man with beard and tattoos who are having more casual and edgy style. Even it is fashion industry or you are meeting new people.

Comb Over Hairstyles for Men

Comb over haircuts are now coming in different varieties and taste. They are having different texture and style abilities. If you are planning to get a new hairstyle then we are having a list of top 20 most used comb over hair styles for 2016- 2017. You can choose one of them and get your self a new fresh look by visiting your nearest hair stylist.

1 Tapered Comb over With Part

A simple tapered comb over haircut have a sleek and shiny look and it also have well defined side hairs. One can wear this style on a special occasion Such as some wedding ceremony or some casual party.

2 Subtle Comb Over

If you are a model then this design is best for you. This style is less defined and having rough look. This is suitable for short to medium hairs and can be adjusted with small beard.

3 Messy Comb Up And Over

This styles suites best to those who have strong jawlines and sharp cheek bones. If you are one of them then go for this style . In this style, the hairs are combed in two different ways giving it a unique look.

4 Wavy Comb Over

This style is perfect for person who are having embracing hair’s natural texture, this style proves that the style is not for straight-haired men only. One can use hair cream to keep the hair in place , using light product will avoid them from slicking. The other angle of this style is that it also looks clean with simple beard style. Small trimmed beard is best for this style.

5 High and Low Comb Over

Comb over style can also be merged with fade haircuts and tapered hairstyles. In these styles, there are different kind of textures in which one of the best known is High comb over hairstyle. In this style, the side hairs are trimmed so that it gives a fade look and the top hairs are adjusted with the help of some hair product like jel or cream which are used to give smoothness and cleanliness to the comb over style.

6 Spiked Comb Over

This Comb over style is best for college students and even young professionals can also adapt it. This is best for boys with medium to long hairs. In this style the middle hair are spiked up and the side hair are tapered giving a unique look. This style suites best for persons with wider face and square jaws.

7 Super Sleek Comb Over

Vintage hairstyles are the styles adopted from 50's . This hairstyles also gives the same look. With all the hairs combed on backside , gives a clean look.

8 Combed Back Undercut

This is the combination of comb over and undercut hair style. This is best suitable for hairs having light colors, if you are having naturally light hairs or it is lightened by the sun, this style is a great choice for you.

9 Half Shaved

This non professional clear shaved line look is good for young boys.This is the combination of high skin fade haircuts on one side and the hipster hairs.

10 Connected Cut

Another one with side and back fade hair style , slicked back style, This gives a slightly mohawk look  even if you are not having long hair. Actually all the hairs trail down to the back of the head. These are best looking for long to middle hairs.

11 Layered Cut

With small trimmed beard on the face this style is for men who like combed over looks .In this hairstyle, the softly cut hairs are combed to one side without using any hair product.

12 Soft And Bouncy Comb Over With Fade

This bouncy style look falls on the lighter side of masculine, The hairs are not slicking hardly at one place instead it gives hair  the freedom to move .

13 Abstract Comb Over Haircut

This funny look is the combination of the fade hairstyles and com over look. This is best for long hairs as they require a lot of time and struggle to adjust and settle these hairs on their place so you may have to use hair jel or cream to settle the hairs.
14 Sharp Undercut

15 Curly comb over

16 High Comb Over

17 Platinum Blonde

18 Slick Comb Over With Design

19 Side Part Folded Comb Over

20 Red Carpet Comb Over

21 Super High Comb Over

22 Ivy League Comb Over

So here are all the designs that are best for any kind of face and hairs. Of you are planning to get  anew hairstyle then you can choose from one of them. Just show hair stylist the picture from this page and enjoy your new unique hairstyle .
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