50 Brilliant Balayage Hair styles 2016 2017

Balayage  Hair color are trending now a days. Balayage is a term that you’ve heard around you many times. But if it is difficult for you to figure out the difference between balayage, ombre, sombre, babylights and all the other buzzwords , don’t stress.

Just giving a little introduction: Balayage is not a specific look or a color but it is a technique of applying highlights. The meaning of the word in French is "Paint", so in balayage, hairs are dyed with free hand style, similar to if you are applying paint to the hair to color them. In this way, the level of the color is built from top to the end so that the color result look softer and clean, more natural-looking.  Balayage is luxury looking hairstyle for which you have to visit the salon to get your desired hair color.

The Best Balayage Hair styles

This method of coloring the hair is not only used for getting sun-kissed highlights that have made many celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Sarah Jessica Parker fall in love with it — balayage can also be a little wild. When it combined with an on-trend galaxy palette, mermaid colors designs or silver granny hair, you get the best look that contains a blends of two or three (or five) vibrant hues seamlessly. As these hair colors are never harsh, they seem amazing on all hair textures and base colors.

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So whether you want candy-colored hair or just want to experiment with highlights for the first time, balayage is the best choice. We are having the collection of the top Balayage hairstyles color ideas from hairstylists, models, celebrities and Instagram girls that you will want to get as your next hair color design

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