8 Stunning Comb Over Fade Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Comb over Fade Haircuts are the best styles trending now a days. If combine them with comb over haircuts then results are great as there are different kind of transformation and designs available. They have emerged as the new style trend giving a singular look and outlook. From young to old, they are perfect for all life events.
In fade haircuts the hairs on the side are shorten or shaved while the top hairs are kept longer. For top the fae haircut section, it can be undercut, shaved, curled, trimmed or tamed, 
Where as in a comb over fade, the upper hairs are usually comb in one direction to give unique look. Furthere there are different styles which can be made with top hairs. They can be short hait with spike style, curly hairs, one side comb, two side comb an upper cut peak. The back and other sides can be completely shaved or have short hairs, undercut style or can have tapered style. 

Interesting Comb Over Fade Hairstyles Ideas for Men

The choice to get the perfect haircut is difficult. It depend upon you face shape and also the hair texture. If you are planning to get new hairstyle then comb over style is the best choice. Here we are having top 8 Comb over fade haircut for men from which you can select one.

1. Comb Over Waves

With the wave style for the top hairs, the comb over wave hairstyles suite with little trimmed beard. This style is suitable for young boys with long hairs at the top. The top hairs are combed in a wavy style.
Fade Comb Over
A wave comb over is preferably on the top hairs with the sides cut in the fade style, 

2. Taking a Stand

The top hairs with the spike style make it a unique hairstyle. The side hairs are kept fade and the top hairs can be set with the help of some hair product like jel. In a fade haircut, we can find both under and over cut hairstyles. 
Even and Moussed

3. Symmetrically Spiked

This style is suitable with short hairs on the top. The top hairs are spiked while the side hairs are faded. This style is the combination of fade haircut and uppercut style. Here the uppercut merges with the fade hairs. 
Coarse and Straight Fade

4. Clipped to Precision

The top hairs with short style are cut in a managed way while the side hairs are faded to a longer length. The top hair are kept at their place using some hair product. The sides are aligned with the beard style to give a clean look.  This is a difficult style to make so it require an expert stylist. 

Fade into Beard

Comb Over Fades Hairstyles for Men

The combination of fade and comb over haircut gives a unique style that is always in demand in the barber shop. They can be found in different forms and combinations like some time the undercuts are shaved at the sides and the back. Some times the fade hairs are just tapered to match the length of top hairs. The comb over fade haircut with shade lines are also very famous. There are also styles in which the side hairs are trimmed properly to give a rough look.

5. Trail Blazer

With a trailing uppercut, this brings unique variety in the comb over haircuts. The under cut hairs are clipper while the top long hairs at the uppercut over side the undercut hairs
Fade to Long

6. Top Story

Shaved Sides

7. Artistically Faded

Artistic Fade
8. Radical Comb Over
Half Fade

So here we go, find the best style according to face shape. If you feel difficult, you should consult your hairstylist. 
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